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Mark Halperin Suspended From MSNBC, To Remain At Time Magazine After Calling Obama A Dick

Mark Halperin has been suspended by MSNBC after calling Barack Obama a dick on the air. Following is a transcript: Joe Scarborough: Mark Halperin, What was the president’s strategy? We are coming up on a deadline and the president decided to please his base, push back against the Republicans.I guess the question is, we know […]

David Halperin: Don’t Bet On American Jews Becoming Republicans Over Israel

There has been speculation (mainly among conservatives) for years over the possibility of getting Jewish voters to vote Republican by taking a hard line in support of Israel. David Halperin provides some of the reasons why this will never happen and debunks the Republican claims (which few believe)  of a lack of support for Israel […]

Mark Halperin Accuses Republicans Of “Willfully Misreading” Financial Reform Bill

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I’ve often been critical of Mark Halperin for describing what he calls the “freak show” in politics and then proceeding to parrot the claims coming from the “freak show.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that Halperin took a stand on Morning Joe […]

Mark Halperin’s Mistakes In Analyzing The Obama Administration

The next in today’s series of silly political articles comes from the master of the genre, Mark Halperin. He seems to think that there is something clever in comparing Obama to Bush. That’s hardly original–there’s been tons of such nonsense from the far left going back to even before the election. At least the attacks […]

Mark Halperin, Right Wing Hack-Journalist, Criticizes Media For Pro-Obama Bias

Mark Halperin, who has made a career out of quoting right wing talking points and unsubstantiated stories from Drudge as fact, now further reduces his credibility by attacking the news media for “extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage.” The examples provided in this report are quite weak, comparing two stories on Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. […]

Mark Halperin Continues To Spread Republican Talking Points

When Mark Halperin was political director of ABC News he would put out The Note every day which all too often wound up repeating Republican talking points. Today Halperin was back at ABC as a member of the panel on This Week and he still was repeating Republican talking points. Halperin declared that the flap […]

Mark Halperin Still Worships Drudge

In case anyone is interested in whether Mark Halperin has changed his ways since he wrote about what was wrong with political coverage last month, you can take a look at what he had to write at Time’s site today. He’s still worshiping Matt Drudge: Editors, anchors, executive producers, reporters, and campaigns are instantly aware […]

Mark Halperin Realizes What Is Wrong With Political Coverage, Again

Deep down Mark Halperin knows what is wrong with political coverage. The problem is that, despite realizing it, he continues to make the same mistakes. In The Way to Win Halperin described the freak show which dominates political coverage. He noted how Matt Drudge often presents unsubstantiated information as fact which is then repeated elsewhere. […]

Mark Halperin’s Standards of Accuracy and Objectivity

Anna Marie Cox writes about a talk Mark Halperin gave about problems in political journalism: Shockingly, “absurdly kowtowing to whoever happens to be in power” was not on the list. He did lay into bloggers, who apparently sometimes “taint” their analysis by “engaging in ad hominem attacks.” Also, the blogs of “mainstream” publications are not […]

Mark Halperin Changes Hat at ABC

Mark Halperin, who has faithfully promoted right wing talking points and unsubstantiated Drudge reports as news as political director of ABC News, is changing jobs. Editor and Publisher reports that he is moving from political director to analyst in order to have more time for writing. I see this as sort of a lateral move […]