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No Pause In Global Warming

One of the many bogus attacks on climate science coming from the right has been to say that global warming has not been occurring because there has been a pause. The “pause” was actually a slow down in the rate of warming, not a true pause in warming, and  a “pause” has only existed if […]

Quote of the Day: Letterman Corrects Donald Trump On Global Warming

“Donald Trump says today’s cold weather proves there’s no global warming. Strictly speaking, global warming doesn’t mean every day it’s going to be raging hot or that every day is hotter than the year before. It’s the same way that ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ doesn’t mean you’re going to see actual celebrities.” –David Letterman

Why Global Warming Denialism Should End Now

Greg Laden explains why global warming denialism should end now. A portion of his post: This year, we have experience the most expensive year of weather disasters in our history. The total cost of disasters this year, and we are still only in July, is in the tens of billions of dollars, perhaps 32 billion. […]

Koch-Financed Climate Skeptic Found That Global Warming Is Real

It would seem to be a risky idea to have a global warming denier conduct a study as to whether global warming is occurring, but it would be a great idea if the skeptic could be trusted to be honest in reporting the results. A team at Berkley attempted to debunk the scientific consensus on […]

Media Matters Debunks Glenn Beck Conspiracy About Global Warming Theory Based Upon Stolen E-Mail

A few days ago I noted how conservative bloggers were distorting material in stolen emails to support their conspiracy theory that global warming is a hoax. If there is a conspiracy theory going around in the right wing, Glenn Beck is bound to pick it up. Media Matters has reported on the distortions being spread […]

Humans In Danger of Annihilation From Global Warming and Zombies, But Life Possible Elsewhere

There are two news stories regarding potential danger to the human race. The BBC reports on methane escaping from the Arctic sea bed, which possibly could accelerate the rate of global warming. This danger sounds trivial when compared to yet another BBC report on how zombies can destroy the human race. I’ve feared that zombies […]

Even Scientists Working For Energy Industry Realized Risk Of Global Warming

There is a strong scientific consensus as to the role of human activity in promoting climate change. Apparently the consensus is so strong that it even included the scientists working for the energy industry. The New York Times reports: For more than a decade the Global Climate Coalition, a group representing industries with profits tied […]

EPA Issues Report on Dangers of Global Warming

Here’ something which would have never happened during the Bush years. The EPA has issued a report on climate change based upon the science as opposed to being based upon administration ideology: The Environmental Protection Agency sent a proposal to the White House on Friday finding that global warming is endangering the public’s health and […]

Bloggers Pile On George Will Following Global Warming Blunder

One of the common arguments used by global warming deniers is a claim that in the 70’s scientists thought we were facing a period global cooling. If they were wrong then, their logic goes, the scientists must be wrong today (and therefore we should believe conservative writers as opposed to scientists who work in the […]

Decrease in Artic Ice Consistent With Global Warming

The New York Times has an article reporting that Artic Ice Hints at Warming, Specialists Say: Leading ice specialists in Europe and the United States for the first time have agreed that a ring of navigable waters has opened all around the fringes of the cap of sea ice drifting on the warming Arctic Ocean. […]