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Jon Stewart Shows That If Obama Is A Muslim, Fox News Supports Nazis

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c A Farewell to Arms Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Fox managed to devise yet another right wing conspiracy theory with claims that the nuclear summit logo was a secret message from Barack Obama to the Muslim nations. Actually the […]

The Media and Obama–Truth From Fox News

[youtube=] In the video above (via Alex Koppelman) a member of the news media debunks the claim that the liberal media was responsible for Obama winning the election. What makes it interesting is that this comes from Fox News.

Fox News Debunks Joe the Plumber on Israel

[youtube=] First Sarah Palin went rogue. Then Joe the Plumber went off message for the campaign with his claim that a vote for Obama would lead to the death of Israel. It’s good to see that even Fox  was willing to debunk this one in the video above. Joe was wrong when he claimed Obama […]

Fox News Again Exposes McCain Lies on Obama’s Tax Proposals

[youtube=] This has been a remarkable election year, and one of the most remarkable things has been that Fox News has now repeatedly been exposing lies from the McCain campaign. Apparently they have become so dishonest that even Fox News finds it impossible to ignore this. On Fox News, Megyn Kelly pressed McCain campaign spokesman […]

Fox News Again Debunks McCain Campaign Lies

[youtube=] I’ve been very critical of Fox News in the past. While they still show signs of conservative bias and continue to present some misinformation, they do deserve credit for at least sometimes pointing out dishonesty from the McCain campaign. I’ve previously noted how Fox has pointed out that McCain has been lying when talking […]

Obama Reaches Out To Clinton Conservatives on Fox News Sunday

[youtube=] Barack Obama did a good job in his interview on Fox News Sunday (video above). With all my criticism here of Fox I should also say that Chris Wallace also did a good job. Sure I could nitpick (and I was annoyed by him repeatedly calling Clinton’s nine point victory in Pennsylvania a big […]

Fox News on Global Warming

[youtube=] While I would like to see the proposed Science Debate to evaluate the views of all the candidates on science issues we already knows where Fox News stands on climate change–they get the facts all wrong. See the above video for some examples.  (Hat tip to Greg Laden.)

Candidate Accuses Fox News of Bias

[youtube=] An accusation of bias against Fox News is hardly news, unless the accusation comes from a Republican candidate. Fred Thompson might be right that Fox has been biased against him as the connections between Roger Ailes and Rudy Giulinai are well known. Thompson made an accusation of bias by Fox News in an interview […]

Mitt Romney Pushes Fox News

When Republicans don’t like the news they know that they can always turn to a propaganda source which will present a fiction favorable to them. Occasionally they run into a supporter who might not realize this, but Mitt Romney was ready to let an Iowa Republican in on the situation. Political Radar reports: Republican presidential […]

Fox News: The Unmaking of the Myth

Michael Tomasky has an op-ed in The Guardian describing Fox News. Most readers will not find anything unexpected, but with Fox still pretending to be a news organization it is enjoyable to see this shot down once again. Tomasky begins: Britons may be familiar with Rupert Murdoch, but I don’t think the UK has a […]