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Intelligence Community Inspector General Under Obama Discussed Blowback From Clinton For His Investigation Of Classified Information Sent Over Her Private Email Server

Former Intelligence Community Inspector General under Barack Obama, General Charles McCullough III, discussed the retaliation from the Clinton campaign for investigating the presence of classified information in email sent with Hillary Clinton’s private email server. As I posted in January 2016, General McCullough sent a letter to leaders on congressional intelligence committees indicating that the email […]

Shattered Provides Insight Into How Clinton Doomed Her Campaign Over The Email Scandal

Chris Cillizza recently wrote about  a new study by a consortium of pollsters which showed how damaging the email scandal was to Hillary Clinton. While overall his article is worth reading, I am puzzled by the title and wonder if perhaps someone else had written it: Hillary Clinton’s ’email’ problem was bigger than anyone realized. Yes, the email problem was […]

Smoking Gun In Latest Email Release Could Potentially End Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

Email released during the middle of the night might bring about the end of Hillary Clinton’s political career, and possibly result in  felony charges against her. One of the emails shows Clinton instructing an aide to remove the “identifying heading” and send information trough non-secure channels when they were having difficulty sending over secure fax.  […]

Hillary Clinton Apologizes For Private Email But Still Needs To Explain Her Actions

After two recent interviews in which Hillary Clinton said she would not apologize for her use of a private server, Clinton has now apologized in an interview with ABC News. The problem for Clinton is that an apology given in the face of considerable criticism for failing to do so hardly reverses the damage done. […]

Two Inspectors General Request Investigation Regarding Clinton’s Use Of Private Email As Secretary Of State

While Hillary Clinton clearly violated rules in effect regarding use of email as Secretary of State, despite her claims in a recent CNN interview and in her earlier press conference which have been contradicted by fact checkers, most of her actions do not place her at risk of criminal prosecution. Stricter rules were imposed in […]

Second Monthly Release Of Clinton Email Primarily Deals With Mundane Matters

There has been another monthly release of Clinton email which deals more with day to day matters than with controversial matters. It does demonstrate that, despite a bitter primary campaign, Obama’s staff did try to keep Clinton in the loop. There were some trivial matters which might be of interest: They also paint the onetime […]

Two More Statements Made By Hillary Clinton About Her Deletion Of Email Found To Be False

The past week was notable for two major liberal decisions from the Supreme Court. With all the major news, it might have been easy not to notice that, as reported by The New York Times and other news outlets, two more statements made by Clinton regarding the email scandal have been shown to be incorrect. […]

Clinton Failed To Answer Questions About Use Of Private Server Two Years Ago

The cover-up continues to look bad for Hillary Clinton. The New York Times (not Fox for those Clinton-apologists who try to pretend this is a right wing attack) reports that Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago and failed to give an honest answer: Hillary Rodham Clinton was directly asked by congressional investigators in […]

AP Files Suit Over Clinton Email, Media Fact Checks Clinton, and Al Gore Goes To Iowa

As I discussed previously, one of the more serious aspects of Hillary Clinton violating rules regarding government records is that she used her private server to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, including requests from the Associated Press. AP is now filing suit: The Associated Press on Wednesday sued the State Department to force the […]

Trump Considered Replacing Sessions With Pruitt, Despite Multiple Scandals

The Trump administration has shown a strange level of inconsistency towards scandal. On the one hand, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price was quickly fired over the use of private jets. Former  Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin was supposedly fired over European travel, although that appears to have been an excuse to get rid […]