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David Brooks Almost Becomes A Democrat

David Brooks says he was a liberal Democrat when he was younger, and I think that deep down he wants to be one now but something is holding him back. In today’s column he briefly pretends to be a Democrat again and likes some of what he sees: I feel beleaguered because the political winds […]

David Brooks Praises Obama on Education

Praise for Barack Obama’s education plans comes from an unexpected source–David Brooks. A portion of his column: The news is good. In fact, it’s very good. Over the past few days I’ve spoken to people ranging from Bill Gates to Jeb Bush and various education reformers. They are all impressed by how gritty and effective […]

David Brooks Is Right About Health Care Costs

I’m sure a lot of my fellow liberal bloggers will object to this viewpoint from David Brooks (partially because it is from David Brooks). The problem with such an argument is that David Brooks is right that current proposals will not significantly reduce health care costs in the near future: Obama aides talk about “game-changers.” […]

David Brooks on Palin and Obama

David Brooks, in an interview for The Atlantic, has described Sarah Palin as a “fatal cancer to the Republican party” and has criticized her Bush-like anti-intellectualism: [Sarah Palin] represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party. When I first started in journalism, I worked at the National Review for Bill Buckley. And Buckley famously said […]

David Brooks Repeats False GOP Talking Points on Obama’s Tax Policy

Yesterday’s column by David Brooks illustrates why I both like and dislike his work. His column starts out making points similar to a recent post I wrote on the realignment between the parties, with an increasing number of educated and affluent voters now voting Democratic.  Brooks writes: Political analysts now notice a gap between professionals […]

David Brooks Describes the Two Earthquates in Iowa

One of the peculiarities of the campaign recently has been that often I’ve found that David Brooks has been making more sense than Paul Krugman on the op-ed page of The New York Times. I’ve noted many times in the past that Brooks often does make sense as long as he can get past the […]

David Brooks Misses The Real Giuliani

In contrast to the more moderate views on immigration supported by Mike Huckabee, David Brooks looks at the views of Rudy Giuliani. Brooks looks not only at Giuliani’s views of today but a more moderate approach–that supported by Giuliani himself in the past. Brooks believes that the previous statements by Giuliani, as opposed to what […]

David Brooks Finds Democratic Party Not Controlled by Netroots

David Brooks is sure to receive a number of unfavorable blog posts over today’s column on the influence of the netroots on the Democratic Party. I’ll leave complaints over his arguments as to the impotence of the netroots to other bloggers and instead begin by noting the value of Brooks ad in countering the conservative […]

David Brooks: Edwards vs. Obama on Poverty

Needless to say, David Brooks isn’t especially fond of either John Edwards’ or Barack Obama’s ideas with regards to poverty. He does summarize the differences, and of the two argues as to why he prefers Obama’s ideas: Obama and Edwards agree on a lot, but in this matter they emphasize different things. As Alec MacGillis […]

David Brooks’ Assault on “The Assault on Reason”

David Brooks writes a negative column on Al Gore’s recent book, The Assault on Reason (which I reviewed here) and in the process shows how devoid of reason much of the right wing has become. Rather than using meaningful arguments, Brooks tries to revive some of the old memes on Gore, startng with his title, […]