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Deepak Chopra Continues Absurd Attacks On Evolutionary Science

Never let it be said that I am any less tolerant of anti-science views from the left than from the right. I tend to concentrate more on the anti-science attitudes from the right primarily because they have far more impact on legislation than those from the left  I have pointed out many examples of Choprawoo […]

Orac Defends Skepticism From Choprawoo

While I’ve often criticized the rejection of science which has become common on the right, I have also pointed out that there is also some pseudo-science on the left. This has included numerous posts on Deepak Chopra. Chopra has recently pointed out how he monitors all the posts which mock him using Google Alerts.  He […]

More Chopra Woo on Alternative Medicine

Deepak Chopra is still passing off his anti-scientific nonsense at The Huffington Post, this time promoting mind-body medicine. He prefers vague ideas lacking evidence for methods of treatment which are subject to double blind studies and increasingly demanding proof of efficacy in this age of evidence-based medicine. I guess we shouldn’t expect better in a […]

Deepak Chopra Confuses Magic Tricks for Science

Add spoon bending to the catalog of bizarre beliefs which Deepak Chopra subscribes to. At IntentBlog, Chopra wrote: I have always maintained there is no such thing is supernatural or paranormal. All observed phenomena, if accurate, are natural and normal. We call something supernatural or paranormal when we can’t explain it. Once we know the […]

Chopra Woo Versus Irresposible Astrologer

With all the talk of astrology and other bogus ideas over the past week or two, I really got a good laugh from this item emailed by a reader, via James Randi. Deepak Chopra, new age charlatan, takes on the age old favorite of charlatan, astrology. The question is raised of whether we should believe […]

Chopra Embraces Bogus Arguments on Evolution

Deepak Chopra concludes his two part post on Why Evolutionary Theory Embraces the Bogus (part one discussed here) with further evidence that he knows nothing of the science. The fundamental problem with Chopra’s argument is that he basis it on whether evolution can explain the brain’s response to music. There are a number of problems […]

Deepak Chopra Embraces the Bogus

New Age opponent of science Deepak Chopra is at it again. (Previous posts on Chopra here.) The latest installment is Why Evolutionary Biology Embraces the Bogus (Part 1). There is little point in commenting on the bulk of this as one of those commenting at Huffington Post sums up the problem with, “a New Age […]

Chopra Concludes, Responding to Criticism

Deepak Chopra has concluded his series of blog posts on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins by responding to some of the comments on his previous posts. He ignores the  majority of critical responses, and still provides no evidence that he either has read or understands the writing of Richard Dawkins. (My previous posts on […]

Chopra: If The Universe Didn’t Have Imagination, Neither Would We.

Deepak Chopra is on to part seven of his review of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, but has yet to provide any signs that he ever read the book. If he did, he certainly doesn’t understand any of it. Previously we “learned” from Chopra that we can prove the existence of God from the […]

Chopra: We Are In God As A Fish Is In Water

I had thought part five was going to be the end, but Deepak Chopra has posted yet a sixth installment in his assault on science and reason. The wonderful thing about posting about Chopra is that it really doesn’t take any work to show what nonsense he is posting when simply quoting him accomplishes this. […]