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China Approves Law Protecting Private Property Rights

In follow up to Saturday’s post on the Withering Away of Communism China, The New York Times has a report on the expansion of private property rights: After more than a quarter-century of market-oriented economic policies and record-setting growth, China on Friday enacted its first law to protect private property explicitly. The measure, which was […]

ACLU Joins Other Civil Libertarians In Warning About Dangers Of Censorship On Social Media

Censorship on social media has been an ongoing problem involving people on both the left and the right, but the recent banning of Alex Jones has increased attention to the issue. While many civil libertarians have seen the dangers, others have allowed their views of Alex Jones to distract from the urgent civil liberties issues […]

SciFi Weekend: Mid-Season Finales For Arrow (Is Oliver Dead?), The Flash, and Agents of SHIELD; Agent Carter; Spider-Man; Continuum Renewed; The Office In Middle Earth; Krypton; The Newsroom; Fargo

Arrow, The Flash, and Agents of SHIELD all had major revelations in the midseason finales aired last week. Needless to say, there are major spoilers following. Besides revealing who killed the Black Canary, Arrow had the biggest cliffhanger, except the lead character actually was shown falling off the cliff after getting killed by Ra’s al […]

Web Censorship Spreads

While recent posts have noted a favorable trend in China with regard to greater respect for property rights, China and other countries remain restrictive with regards to internet access. The Financial TImes reports on the goblal spread of web censorship: A recent six-month investigation into whether 40 countries use censorship shows the practice is spreading, […]

The Withering Away of Communism

Karl Marx argued that under Communism the state would wither away, but in reality we saw that countries which adoped Communism become among the most totalitarian in human history. In China we are seeing far too little withering away of the state, but at least we are seeing the withering away of Communism. The Economist […]

The Doctrine of Dick DeVos

(If we trust either the latest polls or, more importantly, the wisdom of the Michigan voters not to vote for someone as extremist as Dick DeVos, after Tuesday we will not have Dick DeVoss to kick around any more. As we move into the final day of the campaign, Liberal Values will be posting some […]