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Liberaltarians Leaving Cato

Brink Lindsey and Will Wilkinson are both leaving the Cato Institute for other jobs.They are two leading proponents of liberaltarianism, promoting greater cooperation between libertarians and liberals, which is counter to the larger trend for libertarians to work with conservatives. David Weigel reports that some see this as a purge of the liberaltarians, while Ilya […]

Moving In A More Liberal and Libertarian Direction

Libertarianism comes in many flavors. There’s hard libertarianism which rarely allows for any government activity as well as quite a variety of people who lean towards libertarianism who hold various views as to when government action is appropriate. Libertarianism has often been associated with the right, and the Ron Paul movement has definitely shown that […]

The Ideas of Obama vs. Edwards on Poverty

Libertarian Democrat writer Terry Michael made an excellent argument in favor of his first choice, Barack Obama, over John Edwards. His arguments regarding the problems with Edwards’ economic populism should also be of interest to supporters of some of the other candidates. Michael reviewed some of the reactions to Edwards’ policies, agreeing with me The […]

The Delusion of Republican Libertarians

With Republican policies being contrary to libertarian principles on economic issues and the war, as well as social issues where they have traditionally been at odds, some libertarians such as Brink Lindsey have suggested that the Democrats would make more natural allies. Arnold Kling disagrees, arguing at TCS Daily that Republicans make the better allies […]

Libertarian Ideas and Liberals

The discussion between libertarian Brink Lindsey of the Cato Institute and liberals (previously discussed here and here) continues at The New Republic. Jonathan Chait presents objections, with Ezra Klein raising similar objections at Tapped. These objections boil down to how you see an alliance between liberals and libertarians. Obviously this will not work if we […]

Libertarians vs. Liberals on Taxation and Entitlements

Yesterday I noted the latest attempt at finding common ground between liberals and libertarians in Brink Lindsey’s article jointly published at The Cato Institute and The New Republic. Kevin Drum finds problems: It’s a nice try, I guess, but this just has nowhere to go. Liberals are never going to give up on the idea […]

Liberaltarians: Liberals and Libertarians Uniting

I’ve often discussed the incompatibility between libertarianism and conservativism as Republcans have increasingly embraced big government and have allligned themselves with the religious right. Brink Lindsey also realizes that liberals and libertarians share considerable common ground (with his article also cross posted at The New Repubic). Sebastian Mallaby also discusses this at The Washington Post. […]