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Why The Authoritarian Right Has A More Negative View of Libertarians Than Democrats Do

I’ve had a number of posts on libertarian views of the Democrats and Republicans, including posts on libertarians supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 election.  Kos notes an interesting item in a Pew Research Center study which looks at it from the opposite direction. The overall survey looks at views on capitalism and socialism, but […]

Congressional Oversight Seen as Treason By The Authoritarian Right

It is bad enough when the right wing accues private citizens who exercise their freedom of speech as engaging in treason for opposing their plans. It simply shows a total lack of understanding of the democratic process to object to the people’s representatives exercising their Constitutional duties to perform oversight on the Executive Branch. Glenn […]

Kerry Unleashed: US a Pariah Nation Under Bush; Authoritarian Right Upset

  Kerry has always been at his best when concentrating on fighting for American against the reactionary forces who threaten to do so much harm to this country. When free of the constraints of political handlers Kerry can speak truth to power and say what so many realize but few dare to say out loud. […]

Authoritarian Right Will Say Anything To Claim Democrats Are Unpatriotic

The authoritarian right is unwilling to tolerate any degree of questioning of the Bush administration, regardless of how much it has undermined our national security and strengthened enemies such as Iran, North Korea, and al Qaeda as a result of its bumbling foreign policy. They push their mantras that Democrats are unpatriotic and hate America, […]

Donald Trump’s Ominous Parallels To The Rise Of Authoritarianism

The firing of James Comey by Donald Trump is yet another example of Donald Trump varying from Democratic norms. It is a disturbing case of a president working to destroy our system of checks and balances, demanding a pledge of loyalty from someone in a position designed to be independent of such political pressure.  I […]

United States Fails To Attend Human Rights Hearing

The United States government refused to attend a hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights as it was planning to raise questions regarding the Trump administration’s actions including its travel ban. The American Civil Liberties Union posted the above picture of the empty chairs where the US delegation would sit, and issued this statement: The United […]

Trump Faces Opposition From Left And Right On Transition–Lobbyists, Steve Bannon, & Foreign Policy

Donald Trump has taken many contradictory positions on issues over the years. He would sometimes even do that during the same speech, making it difficult to predict what he will do as president. Until we see his actual actions in the White House, the people he is adding to his administration will be the first […]

Political Polarization–How The Left and Right Follow Different Sources For News

The Pew Research Center has released a study on Political Polarization and Media Habits. Most of their findings, summarized below, are as would be predicted: Overall, the study finds that consistent conservatives: Are tightly clustered around a single news source, far more than any other group in the survey, with 47% citing Fox News as […]

John Kerry Warns Of A Trend Towards Authoritarianism In Eastern Europe–Don’t Forget Our Problems At Home

John Kerry has warned about a disturbing trend of authoritarianism in Eastern Europe. He is probably right, but what about that trend here? The Republican Party has made voter suppression a major part of their electoral strategy, along with continuing the Southern Strategy based upon racism and now xenophobia. The party of small government increasingly […]

The Religious Right Should Declare Victory And Get Out Of Politics

As I pointed out following election day, the day was a victory for defenders of liberty, and a loss for the extremists of the authoritarian right. The New York Times rubs it in: Christian conservatives, for more than two decades a pivotal force in American politics, are grappling with Election Day results that repudiated their […]