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SciFi Friday: Torchwood Returns; Annie Leibovitz Returns to Fantasy Land; How George Costanza Would Respond to the Clinton Smear Campaign

Torchwood has had two episodes air in the UK but American fans no longer have to wait very long to see the show. Torchwood premiers tomorrow night on BBC America. The first season DVD set was also released this week. While there have been cast changes and questions as to how long David Tennant will […]

Annie Leibovitz in Fantasyland

What do you do after a film shoot of current super-star Barack Obama? You go to Disney World. Annie Leibovitz, whose pictures of Barack Obama have been posted here previously, has been hired to do a series of pictures to for Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams promotion in which she photographs stars as Disney […]

Obama Gets Feature Story and Annie Leibovitz Photo Shoot

Obama may or may not turn out to be a credible candidate for President in 2008, but he is certainly doing a great job of obtaining early publicity. Men’s Vogue has both a lengthy article on Barack Obama and photos by Annie Leibovitz. Some selections: As a speaker, Obama does not strive for the soulful […]

Disney Risks New Scandal From Revealing Pictures

Disney is once again facing a potential scandal over one of their starlets posing in a revealing picture. Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) posed with a sheet covering her topless chest for Vanity Fair (above). The picture, taken by Annie Leibovitz, was not seen as a problem when taken but is now raising concern due to […]

Frank Rich: Obama Not a Miracle Elixer

Obama week continues on the op-ed page of the New York Times. Today is Frank Rich’s turn: Enter Barack Obama. To understand the hysteria about a Democratic senator who has not yet served two years and is mainly known for a single speech at the 2004 convention, you have to appreciate just how desperate the […]