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Paris Hilton Seeks Campaign Advice From Jeb Bartlett

In August Paris Hilton responded to John McCain’s use of her name in a political ad and interpreted the use of her name as meaning she is a candidate for president. Fortunately she is content to be a fake candidate. While the candidacy is fake, she is taking the fake election seriously and is seeking […]

Paris Hilton Responds to John McCain

See <a href=”” mce_href=””>Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad</a> and more <a href=”” mce_href=””>funny videos</a> on <a href=”” mce_href=””></a> Paris Hilton has responded to John McCain for including her in one of his recent campaign ads. To prevent any confusion, please note that, although she does make more sense than John McCain, this is all […]

John McCain’s Obsession with Paris Hilton

Is John McCain obsessed with Paris Hilton? McCain has once again dragged Paris into politics. First Read reports, “In its latest TV ad hitting Obama, the McCain campaign calls Obama the “biggest celebrity in the world” — and in the process shows clips of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.” Josh Marshall comments on McCain’s strategy: […]

Paris Hilton Loses Bulk of Expected Inheritance

Paris Hilton is might not inherit as much money as she expected as The Telegraph report that her grandfather has decided to donate 97% of his fortune to charity: Barron Hilton, 80, whose father Conrad founded the Hilton Hotel chain in 1919, will donate most of his fortune to the Conrad N Hilton Foundation. Only […]

Paris Hilton in a Bikini as Safe as John McCain

John McCain claimed that it is so safe that “even Paris Hilton could ride a bicycle in a bikini through Anbar province.” Paris Hilton could be riding a bicycle dressed in this bikini through the Anbar province and still be safe if she had as much protection as John McCain did on his recent trip […]

Right Wing News Should Boost Traffic With Nude Obama and Palin Pics

It is always amusing to see what types of search words bring in people from search engines. Obviously there are always lots of mundane searches such as Obama’s position on Medicare Advantage plans, but it is the non-political searches which are most amusing to read. Via Memeorandum I see that Right Wing News should do […]

Letterman Continues Attack on McCain

David Letterman is still pissed off at John McCain for standing him up, and Paris Hilton, who Letterman claimed was McCain’s first choice of running mates, even joined him in bashing McCain: He said he felt like a “patriot” to let McCain off his commitment to deal with the economy and “now I’m feeling like […]

Obama Resonds To McCain’s Dishonest Campaign

The last several posts have been about the dishonesty of John McCain’s campaign. I’ve noted how fact checkers are reporting on it and on how the newsmedia is reporting on this. More importantly for regaining his lead in the race, Barack Obama is also responding. CNN reports: Obama, speaking to a crowd Saturday in Manchester, […]

Republicans: Taking Pride in Being Ignorant

Obama has hit back at the Republicans who have been distorting Obama’s energy policy by dwelling on his comment on the energy savings from keeping tires properly inflated. This attack on Obama fails because, not only are they misrepresenting Obama’s views by claiming this is his sole policy, but because there actually are benefits from […]

The Politics of Arugula

One of the disappointing aspects of this campaign has been that, instead of the high minded debate on policy we had hoped for, John McCain has decided to engage in a dirty Rove/Clinton style campaign based upon distorting Obama’s positions, campaigning on irrelevant points, and resorting to the race card. The Clinton campaign resorted to […]