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Sarah Palin On Health Care, The War On Christmas, And Slavery

It is almost as if Tina Fey returned to do a Sarah Palin impression but this really is Sarah herself describing her views on health care reform while on the Today Show: “The plan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many years to reform a health-care system in America that certainly […]

There Really Is A War On Christmas

While the American right wing and Fox are whining about nonsense in the United State (appealing to the need of conservatives to feel like a victim) it turns out there really is a war on Christmas–in Saudi Arabia: Saudi religious police stormed a house in the Saudi Arabian province of al-Jouf, detaining more than 41 […]

War on Christmas Wrap Up

The war on Christmas is over this season, with Christmas once again coming despite the paranoia of the right. In the video above, Sam Seder mocked the war on Christmas in 2005: SEDER: Listen, as far as the war on Christmas goes, I feel like we should be waging a war on Christmas. I mean, […]

Fox’s Coverage of the War on Christmas

I previously reported on some early claims of a War on Christmas for this year from the right wing. Fox has also launched their dubious claims of a War on Christmas early this year.  Michael Lester, of Talking Points Memo sat through hours of Fox to prepare the clips above.

The War On Christmas Is On

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and I’m seeing news on the War on Christmas with God Discussion reporting on the right wing’s first  skirmishes in  this imaginary war: On Friday’s “Faith & Freedom” program, Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, announced that his organization has launched its 10th annual ‘Friend or Foe’ Christmas […]

SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who, The War on Christmas, Saving Greendale (And Inspector Spacetime), Sherlock and The Hour Returning For Second Season But Future Of Terra Nova In Doubt Two clips from The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe (this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special) have been released (above). For those who might have missed my posting of this earlier in the week, The BBC has released the above prequel video. Recently I mentioned the search for lost episodes of Doctor Who and […]

Tea Baggers And Republicans Get Ready For War on Christmas

The tea-baggers talk about limiting government but, as with most conservatives, their idea of freedom is the freedom to do what they think is best. One tea-bagger has proposed a law making Christmas carols mandatory for the schools: Merry Hyatt has found allies in her quest to put an initiative on the ballot next year […]

Reports Already Starting on the War on Christmas

I wish that Fox would at least wait until after Halloween before whining about the imaginary War on Christmas.

This Year’s War on Christmas Beginning

The “War on Christmas” is underway. I’m not speaking of a real war so you can drop your plans to spray Agent Orange on those fields where the candy canes are growing. The “War on Christmas” is a figment of the imagination of some right wingers–sort of like the Obama birth certificate controversy or any […]

The War on Christmas, And Now Kwanzaa

The War on Christmas might only be one of many examples of right wing paranoia, but it turns out there really was a War on Kwanzaa. Ann Coulter not only attacks the holiday but, writing one of her typical hate-filled columns, claims credit for victory. She brags, “I believe my triumph over this synthetic holiday […]