Michael Wolff Again Says It Was Money Laundering, Not Collusion Regarding 2016 Election

Michael Wolff has repeated on CNBC what he has written in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House regarding Russia–it is all about money laundering, not a conspiracy to change the 2016 election result. From CNBC:

People around President Donald Trump think that if the Russia investigation touches the president’s finances, it could take him down, the author of an explosive tell-all book told CNBC on Tuesday.

Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” said administration officials and Trump confidantes he spoke to do not think the president colluded with Moscow to win the 2016 election. However, they think if special counsel Robert Mueller looks into Trump’s finances, it could be perilous for the president, Wolff claimed.

“People don’t think in the White House — don’t think that he colluded with Russia. … They do think that if the investigation goes near his finances, he’s sunk. Everybody, again, to a man,” Wolff said in a “Squawk Box” interview.

The president has repeatedly denied any cooperation with Moscow as an investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election continues. Last year, Trump told The New York Times that a Mueller probe of his finances as part of the investigation would cross a red line.

I previously posted excerpts from Fire and Fury here and here in which Wolff presented arguments that Trump was engaging in money laundering in Russia but there is no evidence of colluding with Russia regarding the 2016 election.

To repeat what I also wrote yesterday: At present Democrats seem to love Wolff’s book. Will establishment Democrats continue to be so enamored over Fire and Fury when they realize that it frequently contradicts their conspiracy theories about Trump and Putin conspiring to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency? Will they ever concede that Clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate who represented the worst in American politics in a year when the voters were demanding change?


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    djchefron says:

    You do your few readers a disservice when youkeep pushing a false narrative. Michael Wolff book has nthing to do with the election but the incompetents of this regime. The real story which you ignore is Fusion GPS and knowing that you and your readers wont look for the actual transcript I will give you a summary of it for you to read. Remember this is only "Opposition Research" grade info. Our intel communities and Bob Mueller has the" weapons grade" dirt on Trump.


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    Ron Chusid says:

    Once again you are the one pushing the false narrative, including several errors in your comment here alone, while I have been reporting the facts. Everything which has come out to date is consistent with what I have been writing. As my goal is to present the facts, I will change my view if contrary facts should ever come out.

    You claim the book has nothing to do with the election. Actually it has an entire chapter on Russia, and Wolff also discussed Russia at other points. I have included quotes in previous posts. He repeated what he found in this interview. Everything Wolff has had to say about Russia has been consistent with what I have been writing, and debunks the false narrative which Democratic partisans like you spread. You continue to ignore all the evidence which debunks your conspiracy theory.

    I am not ignoring Fusion GPS at all, and you are also totally wrong that I won’t look for the actual transcript. I skimmed through it yesterday (not having time to read it in full) but everything I read was totally consistent with what I have been writing. We also must keep in mind that this was a report which Clinton and the DNC paid for but denied their role until exposed.

    As I have also pointed out, Mueller’s investigation appears to also been going along the lines I have been writing, based first upon the types of attorneys he has hired for the investigation, and then the indictments. Everything he has done so far has centered around crimes such as money laundering and obstruction of justice, not altering the election results.

    You are ignoring all the information we have from the Congressional hearings which support what I am writing and contradict your conspiracy theory.

    The public report from the intelligence community (following the retraction in the media of the false claim that seventeen intelligence agencies agree) said nothing of consequence. Democrats are now hanging their case on the view that the intelligence community has information which is both truthful and which supports their case which to date has never come out.

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    Samual says:

    As one of the few thousand who appreciate Ron's posts to go beyond partisan spin, I am amused by djchefron's attempts to deny reality–a sign of the true believer. His answer to the question posed at the end of the post clearly is "I will just ignore the facts which I do not like."

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Yes, ignoring the facts is a common trait, probably a requirement, among conspiracy theorists like djchefron.

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    SocraticGadfly says:

    Jumping in two weeks later, but Jared's alleged Chinese connections only reinforce the money laundering and other money-related issues, while also showing they went beyond Russia, which further undercuts the "Putin Did It" election-fixing narrative.

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