Donald Trump Looked Up At The Eclipse, Apparently Denying Science And “Fake News”

If you paid even the slightest attention to the news, the most important thing discussed about the eclipse was to not look up at the sun. It would take someone who thinks that almost all the news is fake (with even Mitch McConnell publicly disagreeing with him), and doesn’t believe in science, to ignore these warning. Apparently Donald Trump thought that the stories about effects of the eclipse on vision were a hoax, like climate change and the earth being round. Despite a warning from a nearby aide, Donald Trump actually did look up at the solar eclipse.

What makes this even stranger is that Trump actually had protective glasses, which he put on later.

Now it will be interesting to see if Donald Trump starts bumping into walls, has difficulty reading teleprompters, or stops talking about how beautiful he thinks Ivanka is.

Regardless of whether he develops visual problems, this is yet another example of bizarre behavior on his part. There is a reason that some psychiatrists are publicly questioning his sanity. There is also a reason for the 25th Amendment.


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    Chris says:

    I'm sure literally thousands of people tried to steal a glance at the eclipse without special glasses.  They were reminded that it's not really possible to look at the sun for more than a fraction of a second.    If he stared at the sun for several minutes, that would be bizzare.  

    You are trying waaaayyyyy to hard to find justifications for the 25th. You're loosing credibility.  

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    Ron Chusid says:

    You are questioning my credibility when you write nonsense like this? It looks like you are denying or ignoring science as badly as he is.

    It is normally not possible to look at the sun for any period of time because of the pain. However the whole point of all the warnings before an eclipse is that there is no pain and it is possible to look directly at the sun without feeling anything.

    If he stared at the sun for several minutes it wouldn’t only be bizarre. He would become blind. Even looking at the sun for ten seconds during an eclipse could be enough to do irreversible damage to the eyes.

  3. 3
    Chris says:

    That's what I just said.   You can't glance at the sun for more than a fraction of a second becaise it hurts.    It still hurts during a partial eclipse – and it was partial for most viewers in the US.    It was partial in DC.       Assuming Trump feels pain like others he couldn't have looked very long. So to recap what I said before, he couldn't look very long.   The pain would be too much.   I now question not only your credibility but your reading comprehension.  

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    Ron Chusid says:

    That is not what you said, and you are still wrong on the science. It is safe to look at the sun during totality, but not during a partial eclipse when the pain will be reduced and the damage still occurs. You also remain wrong as to how quickly the damage can occur:

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