Quote of the Day: Donald Trump Ranting And Raving At Today’s Press Conference

“I’m not ranting and raving.”  –Donald Trump at today’s news conference in which he was ranting and raving

As I only half jokingly Tweeted: If we were living in the real world, and not a crazy reality TV show, the 25th Amendment would have been triggered by now.

Here is a longer excerpt for full context on the above quote:

Remember, I used to give you a news conference every time I made a speech, which was like every day.

No, that’s how I won. I won with news conferences and probably speeches. I certainly didn’t win by people listening to you people. That’s for sure. But I’m having a good time.

Tomorrow, they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.” I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you. You know, you’re dishonest people. But — but I’m not ranting and raving. I love this. I’m having a good time doing it.

But tomorrow, the headlines are going to be, “Donald Trump rants and raves.” I’m not ranting and raving.

The Fix has an annotated copy of the transcript of today’s press conference. Transcript without comment and video at The New York Times.

At  Talking Points Memo, Allegra Kirkland has The 8 Craziest Moments Of Trump’s Impromptu Press Conference. This includes his claim that,  “This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine” and  “I am the least anti-Semitic person that you have seen in your entire life.”

Josh Marshall summed it up:

That press conference speaks for itself. There’s very little I can think to add. It all amounts to a confirmation of what most of us already know. This man is not emotionally or characterologically equipped to serve as President. He lacks the focus, the ability to commit to even a passable amount of work without immediate emotional gratification.

Jeff Stein listed 9 things it’s hard to believe the president of the United States actually just said  at Vox.

The Stranger wants to talk about About All the Lies Trump Told at His Press Conference Today.

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