Note To Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook And The Treatment Of Supporters Of Bernie Sanders


There has been a lot of controversy over how Facebook handled matters during the past election campaign. Mark Zuckerberg responded to some of these issues in a Facebook post here. He concentrated on how Facebook handles the posting of “fake news.” Some of us who supported Sanders used the opportunity to respond to Zuckerberg in the comments on related matters as, while possibly the actions of individual employees and not “official” Facebook policy, Facebook often intervened unfairly on the side of supporters of Hillary Clinton. I posted this comment:

Please also look at how Facebook handles intervening in political arguments and your policies on restricting access.

During the primary campaign we had a lot of problems with Clinton supporters launching personal attacks on Sanders supporters. We would respond to defend ourselves, the Clinton supporter would then file a complaint, and the Sanders supporters would be restricted from Facebook use. Attempts to contact people at Facebook and explain the situation invariably went unanswered.

With the size and influence of Facebook, you have a responsibility to ensure that these matters are handled fairly, and for there to be due process for those whose access to posting on Facebook is being restricted.

There were comparable issues with entire Sanders sites being temporarily shut down.

My comment can be found here. I’m posting this on some Sanders groups in the hopes that adding “likes” for my comment will increase the chance that it gets Zuckerberg’s attention. If  you are reading this on Facebook, click through to the blog post for the links. In scanning the comments, I have also found some other similar comments. Please “like” them as well if you come across them, and add your own.

I had a previous blog post on the shutting down of pro-Sanders Facebook pages here.

This is primarily a matter of fairness as to how Facebook users are treated but also has major implications for the country. The election of Donald Trump came about because of how the Democratic establishment pushed through the nomination of Hillary Clinton, a weak candidate who was probably the only major political figure who could not win a general election campaign against Trump. Those who pushed for the nomination of Clinton over Sanders helped make possible the eventual victory by Donald Trump.

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  1. 1
    Lynnette Howard Alexander says:

    yep, I was restricted from using fb a couple of times for things I posted at HRC supporters to prove her foul shenanigans.

  2. 2
    Susan Ross says:

    Dearborn Mark,


    What you did to Bernie Sanders was unfair and unethical.  You should be ashamed of what you did.  Bernie would have beaten Trump, now he is our President.

  3. 3
    Mike Hatcher says:

    Ron, sorry if I'm your persnickety typo attacker. But I believe you meant to type: "… who pushed for the nomination of Clinton over Sanders.." instead of typing:".. nomination of Clinton over Trump.."

  4. 5
    Sandy Sepulvedo says:

    Facebook MUST remain neutral, or it will quickly become irrelevant.  


  5. 6
    Eric Arnow says:

    I saw your speech calling for a new social contract. You are on the right track with that. However, Hillary Clinton was a staunch defender of the old, imperial, oligarchic, planet destroying social contract. As is Trump. I hear you are toying with running for President. What many Americans need to know, is how you are going to deal with a military/banking/security/corporate power structure that needs to do what you said in your speech, to invest in the continuing education of its people, not the sucking dry of the society, which is what is going on, actually since the Constitution was originally written by slaveowners and wealthy merchants, not people like Ben Franklin and Tom Paine.

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