Saturday Night Live On The Third Presidential Debate

Saturday Night Live did a parody of the third presidential debate, video above, on Saturday’s show. Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon once again played Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I discussed the actual debate here. Time looked at how the SNL version compared to the real debate:

McKinnon celebrated the debate’s two biggest sound bytes: Trump’s “bad hombres”? It’s a Bingo board for Hillary Clinton. That “nasty woman” remark in response to Clinton’s comment about how her economic plan would affect the Republican nominee? It’s a mug for sale for her campaign, in a bit that suggested the real Clinton just laughs all the way to the bank when Trump’s statements are poorly received by some.

For Baldwin’s part, he reprised the line “no one respects women more than me,” and Tom Hanks as moderator Chris Wallace had to silence the whole planet’s laughter on that one. But the sketch also presented its Clinton character as the master of the pivot: faking an interruption to get off the topic of her e-mails and onto the allegations of sexual misconduct facing Trump. Most meta of all, Baldwin, gave a shout out to his own brother for being a Trump supporter.


If you want more from Saturday Night Live than the debate parodies, Dan Zak of The Washington Post argues that Black Jeopardy is SNL’s best political sketch this year.


  1. 1
    David Duff says:

    Well, I'm happy you are enjoying your comedy shows and I don't want to spoil your day, but how's that Obamacare going for you?

    I keep reading that the insurers are making for the exit and the prices are going up, up and away.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Rates in the individual market have gone up, but for most people this is offset by subsidies. Plus the rates are not going up any more rapidly than in many of the years before Obamacare. Rates have not gone up much for business plans.

    Overall Obamacare continues to work very well. Many more people are insured, and we no longer have the problem of anyone being denied coverage due to health problems.

    All in all, not perfect due to Republican obstruction of attempts to improve it, but it remains a tremendous success.

  3. 3
    David Duff says:

    Well, whatever it is, it will probably all change when HillBilly takes over and asserts her old plan!

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    I doubt she will go with her old plan. It wouldn’t make much sense when starting with Obama’s plan as opposed to starting from scratch. In the remote chance she wanted to I could not see it going anywhere in Congress. Hopefully she will be successful in getting the public option through, as an addition to Obamacare (and intitially in the plan) as she has said she wants, or a Medicare buy-in. It is with people over 40 or so where the costs get high, and I don’t think the insurance companies want them anyways. Let them have the more lucrative younger market, and let those over 40, or at least 50, have Medicare.

  5. 5
    jim alden says:

    Obama care is going good. I'm 62 and even if it goes up 25% I will still be paying a pretty low amount per month. I'm healthy not really used it but why should we be such a great country and you get sick once and your credit is ruined, you can loose your house etc.

    We need to think about the big picture nd I don't mind working still but I cant afford 600 a month payments and never been sick.

    If people abuse then they should get charged more. In Germany they have dental plans to. This country needs affordable medicine and Drs. I say cap the medicine. I buy something here for my lips the cost over seas is 5 dollars its 100 here.

    Who is making all that money? Cap the med corps and cap the lawyers this country would be better off the way it used to be.

    I agree with rep. on not letting the press know every thing about what we are doing with the war. Its like telling them our every move. Just plain stupid. when we have our young guys over there.


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