Clinton v Trump Badges


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    Maurice Ross says:

    With respect, the most important factor is policy.  And nothing will be more important than appointments to the Supreme Court.  If you want Roe vs. Wade to be overruled, and Citizens United to be reaffirmed, and Second Amendement rights to be magnified and further distorted, then keep saying that the two candidates are equally bad.  But if you care about civil rights, civil liberties, gay rights, workers' rights, and the environment–and if you understand how horrible it would be if a President appoints three or four Scalia-like judges (which is what Trump promises to do), then you need to hold your nose and support Clinton. Clinton is a progressive, and a long-time supporter of liberal policies that we care about.  We have no choice other than to support her—the consequences of a Trump Presidency are too horrible to contemplate.

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    Alvy says:

    No Ron, what has been a disaster is the fact the media won't let Trump govern.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Trump has no idea how to govern. If he knew what he was doing, the media could be a headache, but they couldn’t stop him.

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