Trump and Clinton Continue To Give Voters Reason To Choose None Of The Above

Trump Constitution for Dummies

Baring a miracle, one of the two most unpopular candidates to run for president in recent memory will be elected president in November. The New York Times points out that during the primaries,  “Just 14 percent of eligible adults — 9 percent of the whole nation — voted for either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton.” The past few days have given us even more reasons to not want to go along with the wishes of this foolish 9 percent who voted for Trump or Clinton.

The biggest fiasco for Donald Trump has been his attacks on Khizr Khan and his family following his speech at the Democratic convention. Besides the criticism from Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, this has resulted in well-deserved criticism of Trump from Gold Star families, the VFW, and multiple Republicans. Trump has survived saying many outrageous things, but maybe this one will the the one he cannot recover from. In addition to being among the most inexcusable things he has said, it is likely to be viewed differently in the context of a general election campaign as opposed to a Republican primary battle where insanity is expected. If Trump was ever to have a chance of winning the general election, it is well beyond the point where he had to start showing some sanity. Instead it appears he is continuing to sink lower.

The attacks on Khan overshadowed Trump’s blunder on Ukraine over the weekend. I believe that this was actually an inarticulate attempt at repeating a view held by people ranging from Noam Chomsky to Henry Kissinger. It is a far more realistic view than Hillary Clinton’s initial reaction, comparing the annexation of Crimea to the Nazi invasion of Europe. We could certainly use someone to counter the red-baiting seen from many Clinton supporters, but Trump remains too lazy to do his homework to present a coherent opposing view.

Despite all the unfavorable news for Trump, it has not been a perfect week for Hillary Clinton either. Clinton couldn’t help herself but continue to lie about the email scandal, receiving four more Pinocchio’s from the Washington Post Fact Checker. This led Ron Fournier to ask Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Stop Lying at The Atlantic:

Her dishonesty could push an unknown number of independent and undecided voters into Trump’s camp or toward a non-major-party candidate. If too many swing voters walk away from Clinton because she destroyed her credibility or because they don’t want to condone her behavior, the nuclear codes go to Trump.

That is why Clinton’s advisers, senior Democrats, and members of the liberal media need to stop covering for Clinton. Stop repeating her spin. Stop spreading her lies. Stop enabling her worse angels. It’s too late for Clinton to come clean, but honorable Democrats should at least insist that she stop muddying the water.

Please, for the sake of the country, tell her: Stop lying.

Of course there are alternatives for independent and undecided voters, and everyone else in the 91 percent of the country who have not voted for Trump or Clinton. Not only are Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) more honest than both Trump and Clinton, they also present a true foreign policy alternative to the perpetual warfare and expansion of the surveillance state we are likely to see if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president.


  1. 1
    KP says:

    You rang the bell.


    Over eighteen months you have been consistently sharing your and others problems with Trump (1st, I think), and then Hillary. 


    I am in a bit of a bother that Dems who supported Hillary all along were so late to come out. Not a peep from them until it looked like she had the nomination sewn up. Then they were are all in and misty eyed.


    It is these Dems who failed the system the same way Repubs failed in nominating Trump.


    Shifting gears, I am concerned Assange may dissemble her from now to October.


    If that happens, I will not be happy to say "I told you so"

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    It doesn't take much to cover problems with Trump. He pretty much broadcasts the problems himself.

    While it is doubtful she could beat many others, she should be able to beat Trump. Assange, as well as skeletons in Clinton's past arising from other sources, could change that. Assange has claimed he has information which could take down Clinton but I'm skeptical of that. Clinton supporters have shown themselves willing to ignore virtually anything from her. Plus many will support her no matter what to stop Trump. If Assange had something big enough to stop her despite this, I would think that he would have released it by now. I imagine it is possible that he is saving something bigger for closer to the election.

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