Hillary Down


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    Jon & Jeanette Fish says:

    Clinton needs to get out now!  The DNC should insist that she step aside and put Bernie Sanders back on the ballot.  We ALL know, in spite of the efforts by Clinton, her campaign, the DNC, and establishment Democrats, Bernie Sanders WON the 2016 Democratic Primary and it was stolen from him. He's outperformed Clinton against Trump for months and the margin is even bigger now than ever before. Bernie polls better than Clinton against Trump, is healthier, is not scandal ridden, is not beholden to big business.  If at the Democrats truly care about winning the election in November, they'll go with the candidate who can deliver the desired results.  I'm afraid Trump will ultimately beat Clinton in the national polls and she will not be able to steal it back from him. Put Bernie Sanders back on the Nov ballot!

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    Ella Grimm says:

    Bring Bernie back, so we CAN  win.

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