Sanders Warns That His Supporters Will Not Automatically Support Clinton If She Is The Nominee

Sanders Clinton

A big question for Sanders’ supporters has been what to do should Clinton win the Democratic nomination. This nomination battle differs from other recent battles in the vast ideological difference between many of those supporting Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I previously looked at some of the reasons that some Sanders supporters might not vote for Clinton here. The normal pattern is for the losing candidate to endorse the winning candidate. That does not mean that the losing candidate’s supporters will go along, and Bernie pointed out that he realizes his supporters will not automatically support Clinton if she wins:

Bernie Sanders says Hillary Clinton shouldn’t expect his supporters to automatically back her should she win the Democratic presidential nomination.

“It’s a two-way street, the Clinton people are also going to have to listen to what these people are fighting for,” Sanders said during an interview on CNN’s “New Day.

“The Clinton people are going to have to say, well, maybe Bernie has a point that we should not be the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people or have paid family or medical leave. And maybe, yes, the billionaire class should start paying their fair share of taxes, and maybe, yes, we should break up Wall Street,” he said.

“It’s not me. I don’t control millions of people, but the Clinton campaign is going to have to make the case to those young people that in fact they are prepared to stand up for some real, fundamental changes in this country, and that’s the case they have not yet been able to make,” Sanders said…

Sanders maintained Monday that while Clinton is the Democratic front-runner and has moved to the left on some issues during the campaign, she has not yet made the case to win over his supporters.

“They’re very good at rhetoric, and certainly she has moved to the left in this campaign in response to many of the initiatives that we have brought forth,” Sanders said.

“The average person understands that when you collect such large amounts of money from Wall Street and other special interests, they have their doubts whether the Clinton people will stand up to these powerful forces,” he added.

Clinton might have moved to the left on selective issues during this campaign, but she is certainly no liberal. Supporting programs to benefit women and children is admirable, but is not sufficient to make one a liberal–especially when she is a warmonger, opposes government transparency, supports the corrupting role of money in government, opposes single-payer health care, ran in 2008 as a self-described pro-gun churchgoer, worked with The Fellowship in the Senate, and supports restrictions on civil liberties. On issues such as trade, the drug war, and foreign intervention, Clinton is even to the right of Republican front runner Donald Trump (who has many faults of his own).

Preventing independents from voting in the New York primary, as well as the other irregularities there, will also not make independents supporting Sanders feel good about voting for Clinton if she wins.

I also wonder if there is more meaning to these words from Sanders. Most likely he will endorse Clinton if she is the nominee, with the understanding that his supporters will make their own decisions. However he has sounded less and less like someone who is willing to support the party if he loses, making me wonder if he is reconsidering his previous statements that he would not run as an independent.

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  1. 1
    Tom Ulcak says:

    Do you understand that Bernie is a Progressive and not a liberal?  And that hillary is not a progressive or a liberal, but republican lite?

    If you are going to understand what is going on right now – which is historical – you need to understand who is who and what is what.

  2. 2
    Nuri says:

    He is correct, I'll be voting for Trump if he doesn't get the nomination.

  3. 3
    Neal Smith says:

    After the way the DNC has treated him, after the obfuscation, after permitting Clinton to run roughshod over voting, I would think less of Bernie if he didn't abandon the Democrats and run as an independent. Clinton has shamed herself by allowing the voting irregularities as well as her outright lying on several issues. Her attitude is one of snobbery. 

    At this point, I'm not 100% sure I can consider Clinton at any higher caliber than her Republican opponents.

    This is one Baby Boomer who will definitely NOT vote for Clinton.


  4. 4
    Dana Sorensen says:

    It's not over, and I'm damn sure not giving up now. There are more states to come, including two delegate-heavy states, PA and CA. But, if Clinton somehow grabs the nomination, I will fully support a new, Progressive Socialist party based on Bernie's campaign platform and ideals. I sure as hell will NOT support Clinton. We've come too far to ever accept the same old, same old, politics again. It's much too late for that.  #NeverHillary #AnyBlueWontDo 

  5. 5
    Debra Cusick says:

    She is a criminal, two steps ahead of the law for the last 25 years.  "All a right wing conspiracy?"  I don't think so.  She is a money and power addict and doesn't give a hoot about anybody but herself.  Women and children are mere objects and photo ops for her.  She has now cheated (of course not she personally; she always has seven layers of fall guy between her deviousness and the crime) in 7 states.  Win the nomination?  Hardly.  The ONLY way she can beat Bernie–beloved by the people–is to cheat. I will NEVER vote for her. And I might even hold my nose and vote for the Republican.

  6. 6
    Chris says:

    It is absolutely NOT a two way street. Hillary's supporters are easily manipulated by FEAR of a Trump presidency. Bernie's supporters are way more evolved. We are FEARLESS and more than willing to risk a Trump presidency to avoid 8 years of corruption and war mongering. Bernie's supporters are playing the long game. Hillary's supporters don't pay attention to foreign policy, don't think long term and react out of emotion. They'll eventually die out like the Dinosaurs.



  7. 7
    Flora says:

    Bernie said he would support Hillary if she WON, not if she stole. I can't imagine a man of his moral fiber asking us to vote for someone who cheated us out of the gate. He is too ethical and we will not let the energy we have harnessed be so dissipated. Such a move would crush the millions who are working and donating and believing in a the greater good.

  8. 8
    rpm says:

    I and among many who will just as early vote against Hillary as I voted FOR Bernie – and for reason of the same principles!

  9. 9
    Debby Bartkowiak says:

    Clinton only moved to the left on a few topics to gain votes. She has proven she can and will say anything for a vote. What she stands for, vs what she talks, are two different things, and you can bet if elected, she would drop all left leaning views for her original agenda.  This whole Primary has shown us nothing but her and the DNCs willingness to do anything, corrupt, unethical and out and out illegal to win, and to rub it in our faces that they can get away with doing it. They have gone beyond proving that our voices, mean nothing to their agenda. I, nor a large number of people I know, will vote for her, even if Bernie did ask us to. The day after they nominate her (should that be the case), we will switch to Independent, and we will write Bernie in at the election. Hopefully he will run as an Independent, and with all partys having people who would support him, she will loose. If not, she will not have enough of our votes to win against Trump, and Id rather see him in then her….at least he would bring change.

  10. 10
    Mary Shumay says:

    As far as all of the Corrupt Media, $Hillary supporters, and the PAID Pundits know that we are #BernieorBust #UniteThis I absolutely loath #HillaryClinton as I have done #Hillaryresearch over many years and she is a horrible criminal.  I will NEVER vote for a criminal and a war mongering murder. 

  11. 11
    Valerie Jenicek says:

    I won't vote for Hillary or Trump if that conniving, war mongering, hateful bitch steals this from Bernie Sanders. If she thought she were truly electable and qualified, she wouldn't be cheating, and … hello??? … we ALL know she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I *will* do is vote for every Democrat running for Congress that Bernie supports, and I'll be helping that in every way I can. I cannot stomach the thought of that fascist bitch sitting in OUR White House. I'd rather see Trump get it and see how shit hits the fan then. She'll rue the day she turned on us.

  12. 12
    LK meyers says:

    That lying bitch isn't fit to shine Bernie's shoes, the only house she belongs in is the Big House.  She is a lying conniving bitch.  #Bernieorbust!

  13. 13
    Charmaine says:

    I will Never vote for Hillary, she is a horrible person!  I can not even stand to watch her on tv with her evil laugh (ugh) I will only vote for Bernie and if need be write him in. She has lied and cheated, the dnc will not control me, it is Bernie all of the way for me, NEVER HILLARY!

  14. 14
    Frankie says:

    Vote for Hillary? 


    Never.  She had brought nothing but shame and dishonor upon everything she touches. 

  15. 15
    Karen says:

    Proud of all my fellow Berners here! A couple states or so ago there might be a couple waffling on their support. But even the fence sitters have absolutely made up their minds about never voting for her! After the final crap in NYC and then that being where wall street is so her heavy win there is the final straw. Personally from day 0 i would have never voted for her and what happened yesterday pretty much broke me ,seeing there is nothing they wont do to get her a win. I do hope though that people will stand up with more than their vote, like a few hundred thousand in the streets. They are making fools of us, thinking we will just take it, please prove them wrong.

  16. 16
    Bernie Supporter says:

    When we voted for Bernie we voted AGAINST endless wars, bad trade deals, money in politics, a candidate that flip flops where you can't really know for sure what they will do, so after voting against all of that why would I flip flop and vote for all those things by voting for Hillary???? I wouldn't. Obama was willing to throw seniors and veterans under the bus by cutting social security if the grand bargain had passed. I totally believe Hillary would do the same. Bernie is consistent and has walked the walk so I trust him when he says he is against endless wars, bad trade deals, social security cuts, and money in politics!! Hillary supporters are throwing away the ONE chance to get a candidate that does what they say and is for all the people except billionaires. NO, we will NEVER vote for Hillary.

  17. 17
    Susan says:

    I am awake, I will never cast another vote for a war monger. Hillary is not entitled to my vote, she is not trustworthy, nor is she going to do anything to help the people since she is all about lining her own pockets and those of her Wall Street boys. Hillary and the boys of Wall Street need to take their stolen wealth and go home, this old woman will never support a dishonest crook who cannot even win an election without cheating. We will tear the DNC apart and unite the Green Party with the Progressive Independents and elect an honest person in spite of her rigging the process to get the Democratic nomination.

  18. 18
    Rebecca maddox says:

    Will vote for Trump before I vote for Hillary. I'm so tired of these rigged elections…. We can't quit. I'm a baby boomer and my eyes have been opened. 

  19. 19
    GrannyT says:

    I'll vote Green Party is Bernie isn't the Democratic candidate.
    We need to breathe new life into the 3rd party system anyway.
    I don't vote for war criminals.

  20. 20
    Taye Ford says:

    I will never vote for her. If it comes down to it, I will write in Bernie.This is not over. The Revolution has begun.

  21. 21
    Shirley Davis says:

    Never voting for Hillary

    Ernie just cannot endorse that lying corrupt witch.   It would insult his voters

    Writing in Bernie in November. 

  22. 22
    Shirley Davis says:

    Never voting for Hillary

    Bernie, please don't insult us and ask for that.  Run independent in Nov

  23. 23
    Anne Springer says:

    This election has never been solely about Bernie Sanders. It's a backlash against the decades of stagnant wages and economic uncertainty facing the 99%, who understand that two issues are paramount. Economic inequality, which led, just as it did in 1928, to a crash of our economy (but, unlike the situation of the Great Depression, and subsequent shift back toward equality the inequality) still exists, meaning that *another* downturn episode is likely. And climate change, which needs to be addressed before we do damage that cannot be reversed. Those issues are larger than any single candidate. Voting for corporate shills is like hammering the nails into one's own coffin. Follow the money, not the campaign rhetoric. Bernie's supporters cannot be "brought to heel" you have to earn their support, and TBH, the DNC virtually alienated them from mainstream politics with the first machinations by Hillary's henchwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Bernie supporters who don't even live in Florida are already donating and offering support to Tim Canova to help unseat her. So, you expect people that committed to progress to vote for Hillary? At this point, I'm not sure anything she could say will convince them. I do think they could easily  be mobilized to promote Progressives in securing Congressional seats. So court them for that even if you cannot get them to vote for your nominee – at least, if you stop insulting them, perhaps you won't totally lose the power to a Republican Congress….

  24. 24
    Sharon says:

    After all the cheating and lying from the Clinton camp, I will not be supporting Clinton if she is the nominee. She is a war hawk and I can't in good conscience  support a candidate that represents just the opposite of my beliefs. I will support Sanders and hope that he will abandon the Democratic party who has treated him so unfairly, as well as main stream media. My hope is he runs as an Independent  that way the disenfranchised voters up to this point will be able to vote for him in the general. He has my total support and I will not be supporting Clinton, she has enough support from Wall Street, the DNC and all the political elites who have chose their anointed one. They are on their own. Screw the Democratic party, they have become as corrupt if not more than the Republican Party. Bernie or bust   

  25. 25
    Mark Zima says:

    It isn't only Hillary that cannot automatically count on our support.  Don't you think we will remember which office holding Democrats spoke dishonestly to the public to help her campaign?  Most of us Bernie supporters believe that the Democratic Party needs reform from corruption, and needs to stop being the Party of Oligarchy and Plutocracy. How do you think we feel about those who help spread untruths to help Hillary and thwart much needed party reform?  As the DNC policy has been to help incumbents, and work against the election of genuine progressives and reform-minded challengers, the only way left for us to get the corrupt and the non-progressive office holders out of the way will be to let them get voted out so that the genuine progressives and the reform-minded can have a more equal playing field the next election. Others of us will simply wash our hands of the Democratic Party altogether, as the entrenched establishment is so determined to be against representing us and against reform.  If they insist on being the Party of Oligarchy and Plutocracy, they cannot be our Party.

  26. 26
    Mervin Sonnier says:

    To all Berners: This is a turning point in the history of our country. We must stand firm in our commitment to democratic reform. Like “The Greatest Generation,” history will judge us. Others may waver, we must not. The Naval expression is “Stay the course!”

  27. 27
    Marjorie McMillan says:

    I am with everyone that has commented here.  There is no way in Hell that I will lower myself to vote for that  corrupt lying bitch $hillary  I have read so many things about her & Bill, things they have been involved with & things they have started.  CORRUPT  CORRUPT CORRUPT.   My voting right is precious to me & I will not under any circumstances place my precious vote on a person so vile as $hillary.  As I said , my vote is precious to me & I will VOTE BERNIE & ONLY BERNIE,  I have waited all my adult life for a candidate that I can trust, that moves me so strongly to actually get involved in politics.  For years I have felt I had to vote for  the lesser of two evils or just not vote at all.  I have done both more times than I care to count.  But now, I have a person who I can relate to on so many levels & I can not & will not force myself to vote for anyone but BERNIE.  WE all have to stick together & convince Bernie that if he doesn't get the nomination that we want him to run as Independent, we will back him all the way.  I know there are a lot of Independents, more than the Dems. or Reps. & if we stand together, we can get Bernie in the White House.  Then, there will be someone as the leader of this country that cares more about people than how much they can line their pockets with millions of greenbacks.  I know for a fact that Hillary could never run a campaign with just citizen backing like Bernie has.  There are not that many people that like the bitch, she wouldn't have lasted two months without the millions of dollars that Wall street , corporations, & billionaires that have backed her for favors later, & they will get them, too  She is a political prostitute, selling herself to the highest bidder.  She wants the White House so badly that she will jump in bed with anyone that has the money she needs to continue.  BERNIE SANDERS PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!  


  28. 28
    Janice says:

    Reasons I'll be able to live with myself for voting for Trump if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination Best of Donald Trump:

  29. 29
    Bob Munck says:

    Interesting commentariat you've gathered here, Ron.

    "Preventing independents from voting in the New York primary, as well as the other irregularities there"

    Are you saying that New York State's long-standing closed primary rule is an "irregularity?"  Given that twenty-seven other states and the District of Columbia also have closed primaries, I'd say it's more of a regularity. 

  30. 30
    Ron Chusid says:

    Once again Bob misses the point as he defends Clinton. See the link and multiple other media reports of irregularities in New York which are a separate issue from closed primaries.

  31. 31
    Kay Clark says:

    From the very first time I heard what Senator Bernie Sanders had to say I knew I was going to vote for him. I still feel that way. End of story!

  32. 32
    Ron Chusid says:

    And yes Bob, the readers and commentators here are markedly different from the pro-Clinton blog you frequently hang out at. Plus note how many more there are with several thousand having read this and over 4100 Facebook likes in less than 24 hours, compared to 100 to 200 hits for most of the pro-Clinton posts at TMV.

  33. 33
    Kay Clark says:

    My kids used to say to me when something I'd said was a repeat, they'd say, "I love that story!", which was a kind way of telling me they'd heard it before.

    So, have a read . . .

    , , , "I love that story!" We've all heard it before just a different state this time.

  34. 34
    Bob Munck says:

    "as he defends Clinton."

    Clinton wrote the NY primary election rules?  Which Clinton?  When did he or she do that?

    "Plus note how many more there are …"

    I only count 31. When they all shoot themselves in the foot in the general election, they won't even fill up one emergency room. Clinton has 10.4 million votes in the primaries.

    "… with several thousand having read this"

    Now, Ron.  The Moderate Voice gets about 2½ times as many hits as you do. I'm sure you know that.

    "over 4100 Facebook likes in less than 24 hours"

    It's interesting that there are online services that will create those.

  35. 35
    Lennie Shepherd says:

    If Bernie Sanders pulls this miracle off, i ,myself, will be voting for Ted Cruz. 

  36. 36
    Mike says:

    I hope he runs third party. 

  37. 37
    Mike Hatcher says:

    Wow Ron!  I haven't seen this many comments in a long time on your blog. And it isn't a back and forth argument either, just a large number of fired up Bernie supporters. I'm thinking you are still far from your record. It an attempt to guess/remember, was one in the 60 comment range? Albeit, I believe it may have been more an argument/exchange rather than virtually all individual comments.

  38. 38
    Ron Chusid says:


    “Clinton wrote the NY primary election rules?”

    No, but both Clintons were involved with the DLC, and are the remaining representatives of it and a system which is highly tilted towards more conservative Democrats and which make it more difficult for insurgent candidates.

    “I only count 31.”

    I’m speaking of traffic to the post, which is in the thousands–far greater than posts at TMV. Plus many additional people have commented on the post on Facebook

    “Now, Ron. The Moderate Voice gets about 2½ times as many hits as you do. I’m sure you know that.”

    TMV gets more overall hits but individual posts there get far fewer views than many of my posts here. They have an advantage with multiple posts per day. My readership also goes when I do more than one post a day here. Plus many of the hits there are duplicates from the same people hitting the same post in the comments over and over. I’ve had well over 4000 unique readers (not counting repeat page views) so far today. Can TMV say that?

    It rather interesting that it is now up to over 4600 people who have read this post and chosen to hit the Like button either here or when reading it on Facebook.

  39. 39
    Ron Chusid says:

    Mike, I am actually rather surprised that the comments here have pretty much all agreed with each other. Normally I would expect some to be pushing to vote for the Democratic candidate even as lesser of two evils. There are some replying on Facebook who did go with that.

    I have lots of stats on the blog, but not as to record for comments. The records might have been set in the earlier days when there were more regulars who would discuss matters back and forth on the blog, with most of that having moved to Facebook in recent years.

  40. 40
    Amarylis Esquilin says:

    I STRONGLY believe that Bernie Sanders, would of won all of NY., had they not RIGGED the system. All those voters that were BY THAT SPECIAL MAGIC WAND that could not vote either by their names being purged, not showing on the voting list, their party preferences changed, their voting place not being the one etc, etc, too many faults here. If Bernie did so well in the other counties I know he would have won NY., but all of these people against his concentrated in doing the damage where it most counted NY. It was known to all of them that there was something wrong with the machines, and did nothing to correct them or shut down that particular machine, instead the let it continue knowing damn well what the results were going to be, so once again $Hillary has fooled the AMERICAN people for her quest in being the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT that's all this is to her. I'M SO ANGRY right now knowing that all this has happened with her paying people off, I BET MY HEAD ON A BUTCHER'S BLOCK if this isn't so.


  41. 41
    Ron Chusid says:

    Mike H, again: You had me curious as to the record for comments. It is too difficult to say for sure as I would have to go through over 400 pages which each list multiple posts including number of comments. During the first month I found a post with 136 comments:

    Looking at recent posts, I found this one with 127 comments:

    There is a huge area in between them where I have not looked at the number of comments.

  42. 42
    Mike Hatcher says:

    Ok, sounds like I was way off with my guess on number of comments.  You mentioned the longer back and forth debates were on Facebook. Of course being we aren't "friends" I'm not sure I would see those posts. Hmm, maybe I should send a request, then you could say: "Some of my best friends are conservative, young-earth believing, tiny government, libertarian, Christians." (Or at least one). 

  43. 43
    Ron Chusid says:

    I do have some conservative and right-libertarian Facebook friends–primarily either people I know in the “real world” plus some bloggers where we have that in common despite disagreeing on issues. Of course I have a lot of left-libertarian friends. You might be the only young-earth creationist.

    There is one Facebook discussion on my Facebook page, plus several others in pro-Bernie groups where there is a link to the post. Most of the comments today probably come from people seeing links to the post in various pro-Bernie Facebook groups.

  44. 44
    Shelora says:

    Bernie, START YOUR OWN PARTY‼️ We did it in Canada. It's called the New Democrat Party. Tomy Douglas (Keifer Sutherland's Grandfather) was the Leader. He got us Single Payer Universal Health Care in 1978‼️ Call it the PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. RUN ON A PLATFORM of "Capitalism with a Conscience!" 

  45. 45
    Jane Murphy says:

    I am one of those baby boomers who will absolutely NOT be voting for Hillary under any circumstances. After the way the DNC has treated Bernie, I don't believe that he owes them a thing! I hope fervently that, if the DNC succeeds in coronating Hillary, Bernie will consider making his service available to all Americans via a third party. Please see the following:

  46. 46
    Daniel Clarke says:

    I will never vote for $hillary..  the differences between her and Bernie are precisely the reasons. 

    An example of $Hillary changing her vote after being given donations:  She was all in for single payer health system when she was Flotus but now that Big Pharma and the insurances industry have lined her coffers,  I saw her screaming that Single Payer Healthcare will NEVER, NEVER be possible, so don't even try!

    I will never vote for $Hillary.. she & bill are right in the middle of the one tenth of one %.  Thus every decision she makes along the class wars choices  She will decide to vote for us and against her own self interest,  OR she will vote for her own interests and against OUR interest,

    I don't find a history of $Hillary being self- sacrificing .  so why would she start  now?                                                                                                                          


  47. 47
    Lorraine bradt says:

    Never ever Clinton 

  48. 48
    Matthew says:

    I agree with Chris, we, Bernie Supporters are FEARLESS and more than willing to risk a Trump presidency to avoid 8 years of corruption and war mongering. If Bernie won't run as an independent then my voice is guaranteed to Trump.

  49. 49
    Gemma Seymour says:

    I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, no matter what pandering tactics she or her staffers attempt to employ to position themselves as liberals or progressives. Hillary Clinton is an opportunist, not a liberal. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is trustworthy, because nothing she says is rooted in heartfelt principles. She will say anything she thinks the people wish to hear, and then once she is in office, she will completely ignore the voice of the people just as she has always done.

    Sadly, I saw a friend of a friend in NY say that they would not vote for Senator Sanders because he said he wouldn't support Clinton as the nominee. This, of course, was utterly false. Sanders never said any such thing, and in fact is on record as supporting the eventual nominee. Hillary Clinton is the one dividing the party, not Bernie Sanders. The fact is, liberals will always vote for a more progressive candidate, but progressives will lose enthusiasm if a candidate is too conservative and will simply not bother to go to the polls, because they feel an ethical dilemma in compromising their principles and values.

    If Sanders is the nominee, practically all of Clinton's supporters will vote for him for President, though they will not tell you they did. The reverse is not true; if Clinton is the nominee, I predict that she will lose at least 25% of Sanders supporters. On top of this, Sanders captures some Republican votes and allows Republicans the luxury of not caring as much, because they simply don't have the hatred for him that they do for Clinton. A Clinton nomination will fire up the GOP base to vote her down.

    Anyone who is looking at this election cycle and not facing the truth is going to get exactly what they deserve. Sadly, they are likely to take the rest of us down with them.

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