Clinton Again Uses Debate In Flint To Distort Sanders’ Record

CNN Flint Debate

Last night’s Democratic debate  was typical of the Democratic debates this year. Sanders came wanting to discuss the issues. Clinton came with plans to again distort Sanders’ views. She not only repeated her lies about Sanders’ position on guns (when it was Clinton who ran as a self-described “pro-gun church goer” in 2008), but also greatly distorted Sanders position on the auto bailout, which he did support. No doubt she was waiting until this debate to spring this lie.

At the start of the Fox Democratic Town Hall, it was noted that the fact checkers sided with Sanders on this issue.

The frequency of lies seen from Clinton is greatly disturbing. While all candidates bend the truth to some degree with campaigning, Clinton takes it to a far greater level than most. Plus her dishonesty has often included major matters of government policy, including her false claims of a tie between Saddam and al Qaeda to justify the Iraq war, and the many lies she has told about her conduct as Secretary of State.

A person this dishonest cannot be trusted with the powers of the presidency.

I am also not impressed with the major concern of many Clinton supporters coming out of this debate. I worry about the Democratic Party when so many are outraged when Sanders objects to Clinton interrupting him at the debate, but the same people don’t care when Clinton supports military intervention in other countries, restricting civil liberties, and protecting polluters who contribute to her. Besides, Sanders sure deserved an opportunity to defend himself (which Clinton was trying to deny) when Clinton was lying about his views.