Sanders and Clinton Tied In Nevada

Nevada Caucus

I recently wrote about how desperate Clinton is looking in Nevada. Perhaps she feels this way is because her internal polls are not looking very good. There has been minimal polling out of the state, and polling before a caucus is always of questionable value, but the one new poll we do have shows Sanders and Clinton tied at 45 percent each.

Among the results:

►Clinton loses on trust, 53-29; on who cares about people like you, 49-36; and who is progressive, 49-36. Danger, Will Robinson!

►The sample is almost 60 percent female (about what it as in ’08), which ought to worry Clinton. Sanders leads 63-16 among young voters (18-29), and if there are a lot of youngsters who register on Caucus Day…. She’s also losing among independents, as the Free Beacon reported.

There was also a lot of dishonest spin and misinformation from Clinton at last night’s debate. Plus she once again showed how Nixonian she is in her bizarre embrace of Henry Kissinger.  I haven’t had time to do a full post on the debate, but some of Clinton’s lies were a repeat from the third debate. I also commented on some, and posted relevant links, while commenting live on Facebook last night. Hopefully I will have time to put this all together in a post tomorrow.