Sanders Strong And Clinton Off Her Game In New Hampshire Town Hall

Bernie Sanders CNN Town Hall

Bernie Sanders had a strong night while Clinton had a terrible performance at the CNN Town Hall Wednesday night (video and transcript here). It was almost painful to see her stumbling to come up with answers to some of the questions.

Sanders criticized Clinton’s claims of being a progressive saying, “you can’t go and say you’re a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day. Some of my best friends are moderates. I love moderates. But you can’t be a moderate and a progressive. They are different.” He elaborated a later exchange:

But there are other issues, Anderson, where I think she is just not progressive. I do not know any progressive who has a super PAC and takes $15 million from Wall Street. That’s just not progressive.


SANDERS: As I mentioned earlier, the key foreign policy vote of modern American history was the war in Iraq. The progressive community was pretty united in saying don’t listen to Bush. Don’t go to war.

Secretary Clinton voted to go to war.

Virtually all of the trade unions and millions of working people understand that our trade policies — NAFTA, CAFTA, permanent normal trade relations with China, etc. — have been written by corporate America and the goal of it is to be able to throw American workers… millions of working people understand that our trade policies, NAFTA, CAFTA, Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, et cetera, have been written by corporate America.

And the goal of it is to be able to throw American workers out on the street, move to China and other low-wage countries, and bring their products back into this country. And that’s one of the reasons why the middle class of this country and the working class is struggling so hard.

Secretary Clinton has been a supporter in the past of various trade policies, NAFTA and PNTR with China. Reluctantly, and after a lot of pressure on her, she came out against the TPP, and I’m glad that she did.

Every sensible person understands that climate change is real. It is caused by human activity. And we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel.

For a long time, Secretary Clinton was talking about the benefits of the Keystone pipeline. Well, there are no benefits to excavating and transporting some of the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world.

I was in the lead in opposition to the Keystone pipeline. I’m in opposition to the pipeline right here in New Hampshire and the pipeline in Vermont. I think we have got to move aggressively away from fossil fuel if we’re going to leave this planet in a way that’s healthy and habitable for our kids.

So those are just some of the areas…

CNN described how Clinton performed in their report on the event:

Clinton delivered an uneven performance at the event, sounding confident on policy answers and connecting with the audience when she shared moments from her personal life but stumbling on topics that have dogged her throughout the campaign, including her vote on the Iraq War and her relationship with Wall Street.

Her toughest moment of the night came when she was asked to address the paid speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs after leaving the State Department.

Clinton started to explain that Goldman wasn’t the only group that paid her for speeches. But when Cooper interjected and asked, “Did you have to be paid $675,000?” Clinton appeared caught off guard.

“Well, I don’t know. Um, that’s what they offered,” she said. Clinton went on to insist that at the time of the speeches, she was undecided on whether to seek the White House.

“I didn’t know, to be honest, I wasn’t — I wasn’t committed to running,” Clinton said, uncharacteristically tripping over her words. “I didn’t — I didn’t know whether I was running or not. I didn’t.”

And in one of the more revealing exchanges of the night, Cooper asked Clinton what would be wrong with the so-called “political revolution” that Sanders frequent calls for. Clinton paused before responding: “That’s for Sen. Sanders to explain.”

I wish that when Clinton is stumbling over her answer on Iraq more people would move on to the key point that, while she admits she made a mistake on the Iraq vote, she continued to make the same type of mistake with her positions on Libya, Syria, and Iran. We are not looking at an isolated mistake. We are looking at a pattern of dangerously pushing the country towards more warfare.

Often the best part of town halls are when members of the audience ask questions entirely different from those of the news media. Clinton faced one such question:

This may come a little bit from right field, this may seem, but it’s very personal to me and resonates probably with many other people who are elderly dealing with health issues.

The question is coming to me as a person who is walking with colon cancer. And I’m walking with colon cancer with the word terminal very much in my vocabulary, comfortably and spiritually.

But I wonder what leadership you could offer within an executive role that might help advance the respectful conversation that is needed around this personal choice that people may make, as we age and deal with health issues or be the caregivers of those people, to help enhance and — their end of life with dignity.

As I have found Clinton to do so often during the years, she began to speak incoherently on the topic, unable to answer the question and demonstrating why, as a physician, I do not want to see Hillary Clinton anywhere near health care policy. Tonight she showed no understanding of end of life counseling or palliative care. In the past she messed up health care pretty badly with her awful attempt at health care reform, and she generally sounds ignorant when discussing health care issues.

The night was a success for Sanders and a disaster for Clinton. Unfortunately I do not think that this event received much attention. Hopefully she was thrown off her game by her difficulties in Iowa and will also perform poorly at Thursday’s debate.

Update: The MSNBC New Hampshire Democratic Debate


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    Michael E. Kerr says:

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  2. 2
    Marsha Hamikton says:

    in 1998 Bernie Sanders voted to set the stage for regime change in Iraq. Actually he's done so several times. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat until he NEEDS to be. He is an Independent Socialist. 

    If you're in the "Democratic Camp" it will behove those of us who are in that camp to realize Bernie Sanders still won't self identify with us. I have always liked Bernie Sanders, but not so much any longer. Yet, I will vote for him if he wins. Last night I really looked at him on stage on the town hall meeting and noticed how stooped and old he looked for even a man 74 years old.  Anderson Cooper mentioned he'd be 83 years old at the end of a second term 

    This interview was interesting and important toward seeing what he is.





  3. 3
    norma johnson says:

    I would like to have her explain her connection to and support of  Montsanto and GMOs nj


  4. 4
    pat b says:


    I wish that when Clinton is stumbling over her answer on Iraq more people would move on to the key point that, while she admits she made a mistake on the Iraq vote, she continued to make the same type of mistake with her positions on Libya, Syria, and Iran. We are not looking at an isolated mistake. We are looking at a pattern of dangerously pushing the country towards more warfare.

    You make a good point above but it's also important to focus on a mistake. You are a doctor, part of analyzing a mistake is understanding what caused the mistake and what lessons were learned…  HRC says 'it was a mistake' and then moves on.

    What kind of mistake was it? Was it a mistake because it bit her politically? Was it a mistake because she didn't research the Intelligence reports? Was it a mistake because she underestimated the degree of iraqi nationalism or sectarianism? Was it a mistake because Iraq's oil production didn't justify the costs?  


    I really wish some interviewer would pin her down and just drill on that.  Insist she spell out what kind of mistake was it, how the mistake was made and what lessons she learned from it…


    Without that, it's just a cover line.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    Pat, Yes, it would be interesting to have her explain in more detail what she means by it being a mistake. It is basically a meaningless attempt at covering herself. She has not demonstrated that she has learned from the mistake in making the same mistake in her position in other countries, including Libya and Syria.

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    Marsha, Clinton has already tried the bogus line trying to blame Sanders. It is a nonsensical argument and I think that even she has given it up.

    Sanders has been a Democratic Socialist and has voted with the Democrats in Congress. He has made it clear that he is now running as a Democrat. I would rather have someone more independent than him have the nomination when he is right on the issues as opposed to former Republican Hillary Clinton who has been consistently Republican-lite on the issues.

    I believe Sanders is five years older than Donald Trump but nobody makes an issue of his age. Clinton is also not all that much longer–and has been side lined due to health reasons in the past. The age issue is another bogus argument.

    In making three such bogus arguments, you only demonstrate how weak the case against Sanders is.

  7. 7
    Mike Hatcher says:

    I just read a story that Sanders jumped to the aid of someone who passed out.  I think that only helps confirm what I believe about Bernie, that he is a good man who wants to help people.  Had it been Hillary jumping to the rescue of someone, I would automatically assume it was a staged act, much like when she launched her campaign. FYI- if anyone reading this does not know, I consider myself conservative-libertarian, and I would have much rather Ron o Rand Paul as president.  But alas, neither are running anymore and I have to accept what is remaining.

  8. 8
    Lisa Kazmier says:

    Mike, the person who fainted was reporter Andrea Mitchell and she was in danger of being trampled. It's ironic how much he helped her given how hard she has been on him — owing to the fact that he skewered her hubby Alan Greenspan years ago (that confrontation is on YouTube).

  9. 9
    Mike Hatcher says:

    That is fascinating to know. I will have to read up more about that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. 10
    Annetta Jordan says:

    I will leave the manipulative democratic party before I will leave Bernie! Just sayin' that is how it is!!

  11. 11
    Ron Chusid says:

    I also fear the Democratic Party is risking losing much of the millennial generation as supporters if they nominate Clinton instead of Bernie.

  12. 12
    Allison Atkins says:

    Marcia, Hillary was a republican before she was a democrat. First she was a moderate democrat and now she's a progressive democrat when she needs to be.  It is not unusual for an independent to run as a democrat or as a republican and each party welcomes them, so please get off Hillary's high-horse and Bernie's case.  Bernie Sanders is a socialist democrat and Hillary Clinton is a democrat who can't make up her mind moderate or sometimes progressive because as she said at the MSNBC Debate, she believes in progress.  Hahaha!  Her definition was a bit off-base, but nice try.

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