Bernie Sanders On The Nightly Show

Bernie Sanders was on The Nightly Show last night, coming out right after a brief segment on the skywriting about Donald Trump at the Rose Parade. Above is the extended version of  Larry Wilmore’s interview with Sanders.

Above is the extended video of the panel, with Bernie Sanders included.

The usual serious topics from interviews with Sanders came up on the show, including his views on income inequality, ISIS, climate change, gun control, and social justice. Sanders pointed out how he is taking on the establishment and compared himself to Hillary Clinton on Iraq and foreign policy, also warning of the danger of perpetual warfare in the middle east.

Less serious subjects also came up, such as a mock promise to put a Ben and Jerry’s bar in every household as opposed to a chicken in every pot. Referring to Donald Trump (during the interview) and Ben Carson (during the panel discussion), Larry asked Bernie whether Donald Trump should be “schlonged” and if Bernie every stabbed anyone.

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  1. 1
    James Tibbs says:

    I love Bernie and I will be voting for him but I hate that he panders to the idea that the wage gap exists because of sexism.

  2. 2
    David Duff says:

    Did 'good ol' Bernie' get round to explaining how his wife and step-daughter and the son of a close friend earned mega-bucks via his campaign funds?

    Jest askin'!

  3. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    No it didn’t come up. Megabucks? It looks like his wife made $30,000 per year working for him for three years and his daughter made $13,000 per year for five years. That’s a tiny fraction of the $500,000 fees which Bill Clinton received for talking for thirty minutes to parties with business before the State Department when Hillary was Secretary of State. We will see if the Clinton slime machine thinks they can use this against Sanders.

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