Sanders Expanding Campaign With First Ad And Hispanic Outreach

Bernie Sanders has released his first ad–video above. Transcript follows:

Voice Over

The son of a Polish immigrant who grew up in a Brooklyn tenement.

He went to public schools, then college where the work of his life began.

Fighting injustice and inequality.

Speaking truth to power.

He moved to Vermont, won election and praise — as one of America’s best Mayors.

In Congress, he stood up for working families and for principle

Opposing the Iraq War.

Supporting veterans.

Now, he’s taking on Wall Street and a corrupt political system.

Funded by over a million contributions.

Tackling climate change to create clean energy jobs.

Fighting for living wages, equal pay and tuition-free public colleges

Bernie Sanders

“People are sick and tired of establishment politics and they want real change.”

Voice Over

Bernie Sanders.

Husband.  Father. Grandfather.

An honest leader — building a movement with you, to give us a future to believe in.

Bernie Sanders

“I’m Bernie Sanders and I approve this message.”

Sanders Dreamers

Sanders is also working on strengthening his campaign in other ways, including hiring Erika Andioila, called “the best known immigration activist in the country” by Buzzfeed:

Erika Andiola, the most well-known immigration activist in the country, is joining the Bernie Sanders campaign, according to three sources with knowledge of the hire.

It’s a big splash in the immigration movement, as Andiola is respected up and down the loosely connected advocacy apparatus that includes groups close to the Democratic establishment, groups far to the left, and undocumented immigrants in local communities, where Andiola has worked across the country.

Andiola joins her boyfriend Cesar Vargas, himself a high-profile DREAMer activist, who was hired by Sanders last week and will also focus on Latino outreach in the southwest states, with Nevada and its early caucus, a focal point…

Martin O’Malley’s campaign and Director of Public Engagement Gabriela Domenzain also used Andiola, along with other activists, as a sounding board as they crafted their immigration policy.

Andiola has long explained that her objective during the cycle was to push Clinton, the presumed favorite for the Democratic nomination, to the left on immigration.

Now she joins Sanders, who has now hired a string of activists long-involved in immigration battles. In addition to Andiola and Vargas, the Sanders campaign recently hired Arturo Carmona of Presente to lead Latino outreach, and named Javier Gonzalez formerly of SEIU the campaign’s Nevada field director.

There has been previous interest in Bernie Sanders by Latinos. For example, In July, César Vargas wrote about Why Latinos Should Vote for Bernie Sanders and Why He Needs Us for HuffPost Latino Voices.

The campaign for the Democratic nomination is now down to Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley. Lawrence Lessig has dropped out due to being frozen out of the debates.