Former Clinton Adviser Predicts Bernie Sanders Will Beat Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders TV Clip

Bill Curry, a former counselor to Bill Clinton, predicts that,Hillary Clinton is going to lose: She doesn’t even see the frustrated progressive wave that will nominate Bernie Sanders. He initially looked at how Clinton avoided answering questions about her position on TPP, but then looked at her overall campaign. Besides economics, Curry discussed another major weakness for Clinton: “She’s weakest on the sleeper issue of 2016: public corruption and the general debasement of politics and government.”

I don’t think she can enlist Wall Street oligarchs and recruit an army of dewy-eyed volunteers. Above all, I don’t think she can spout populist rhetoric without any policy specifics to back it up. Clinton insiders also ingratiate themselves to reporters by dishing about her need to seem more authentic. Someone should tell them it’s hard to seem real when you won’t tell people what you really think.

A bigger problem for Clinton may be that we know what she thinks. Her platform is like Obama’s trade deal; she won’t say what’s in it, but we can easily guess. It isn’t populism and it isn’t reform. The TPP? She never met a trade deal she didn’t like. The minimum wage? She and Obama let McDonald’s get the drop on them. The surveillance state? Her handling of her emails told us all we need to know of her views on transparency. More war in Iraq? For 12 years as a senator and secretary of state she was John McCain’s best friend. If she gets to be commander in chief, get ready to rumble.

She’s weakest on the sleeper issue of 2016: public corruption and the general debasement of politics and government. Voter disgust is so deep even consultants who make their real livings off corporate clients tell their political clients to talk about it. In her speech Clinton vowed to “wage and win four fights for you.” The first three were jobs, families and national security. The fourth was “reforming our government and revitalizing our democracy.” She vowed to overturn Citizens United and fight GOP efforts to disenfranchise the young, the poor and people of color, but then drifted off onto technology and cutting waste. Unlike nearly every Republican announcing for president, she never mentioned ethics or corruption.

Democratic elites don’t want to hear it but Hillary Clinton’s in trouble. It isn’t in all the data yet though you can find it if you look. In a straw poll taken in early June at a Wisconsin Democratic convention she edged out Bernie Sanders by just 8 points, 49% to 41%. In a poll of N.H. primary voters this week she beat Sanders by 41% to 31%. An Ohio poll had her in a dead heat with the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. If Sanders can poll 40% in a Wisconsin straw poll in June he can do it an Iowa caucus in January. Imagine a Hillary Clinton who just lost Iowa and New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders. It’s still hard to picture but it gets easier every day.

You don’t win your next race running someone else’s last one. Trying to do so, Clinton repeats her big mistake of 2008: not sensing the times. There are smaller changes she can make right now: hire better speech writers, including at least one with a sense of humor; put her family foundation under independent management; tell her husband to stop giving speeches or else start talking for free. But her whole campaign model is wrong. ‘Clinton Democrats’ hate to admit there are issues you can’t finesse or that they must ever choose between the middle class and the donor class. Clinton better figure it out now. When the data’s all in it will be too late.

Clinton resists change. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who seems to feel the tectonic plates of our politics shifting, perhaps because he’s expected the change for so long. His is still an improbable candidacy, but less improbable than it was a month or even a week ago. If he clears out the second tier, his battle with Hillary could become epic, forcing not just her but the Democratic Party to choose between the middle class and the donor class; between corporate and democratic rule; the battle over trade carried over into a presidential election.

While Clinton is weak on both economics and government transparency, she has additional weaknesses when facing Democratic voters. This includes how she helped George Bush lie the country into the Iraq war with false claims that Saddam had connections to al Qaeda, her continued push for increased military intervention as Secretary of State, and her conservative positions on civil liberties, the environment, and social issues. I hope Curry is right that Clinton can be beaten in Iowa and New Hampshire despite her tremendous lead in the polls.

Addendum April 2016
There is once again a large amount of traffic from Facebook to this post, which is unusual for a post this old. It must be due to a large group adding a recent link. Could someone tell me where they saw this link in the comments? Plus as this post is several months old, please check out the more recent posts on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  Some recommended posts below:

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  1. 1
    Beth says:

    I got the link from a newly-friended fellow Bernie supporter. Good to see the odds just keep getting better.

  2. 2
    No You says:

    We're aware that national polls are just name recognition surveys at this point, and are relatively meaningless for the primaries.  It's the statewide polls where he's surging,with no sign of the trend changing anytime soon. Of course there's plenty of time for that to change, but Bernie's supporters aren't the fickle type who'll jump ship over a little bad press, so I'm very optimistic.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Facebook  –   Michigan Women for Bernie Sanders


  4. 4
    willow says:

    Last thing this country needs is another Clinton, Obama or Bush.   People are done with pot smokers going to jail on our money, and bankers not going to jail on or money.    Hillary is Reagan and the 1980s.    She needs to just go away. 

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Posted on Facebook on 08/10/2015

  6. 7
    Ron Chusid says:

    “Hillary is Reagan and the 1980s”

    I see her more as a combination of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. Reagan, putting ideology aside, was a far greater speaker and movement leader than Clinton. Clinton is also to a great extend still the Goldwater Girl she was in the 1960s, except that she is more conservative than Goldwater was on social issues.

  7. 8
    Richard says:

    According to Politico magazine Bill and Hillary have made 102 million giving speeches since Bill Clinton left office, they have been cashing in off thier political careers at a clip that would make Sarah Palin blush. A key issue for voters is the way big money has corrupted the system – that's Sanders big issue – yet here are the Clinton's making all this money sponging off of trade assocations and corporations. Hillary is going to lose because the Clinton's don't get it – greed is out in 2016, voters are fed up with the way big money has corrupted the political system. Sanders doesn't have a greedy bone in his body, he's an honest, ethical public service orientated individual – who cares deeply about the working poor – and he's going to beat geedy Hillary for that reason.

  8. 9
    Ron Chusid says:

    It is not only Bill giving speeches. The amount paid per speech jumped tremendously when Hillary became Secretary of State, and made favorable decisions regarding those who paid the high fees. Plus there were also the donations to the Foundation, with Hillary failing to abide by an agreement to disclose the contributors to the Foundation.

    These issues will can cause serious harm to the Democrat in 2016 if they nominate Hillary.

  9. 10
    noel says:

    FAcebook: WakeUp America link

  10. 11
    LJ says:

    I found this article via Facebook post by Michigan for Bernie Sanders, reposting of the link by Michigan Women for Bernie Sanders.

    Appreciated the quality of thought and writing in the quoted piece, thanks!

  11. 12
    Rob says:

    I'm about 99% convinced that Hillary's husband (of convenience) is a rapist (Hitchens' "No One Left to Lie To" is a must read on this and other aspects of the Clinton sickness) and that Hillary covered up for her dear Bill from day one to pursue her own dreams of money and power.  It's sad that so few people are aware of (or even worse, care about) these basic facts.

  12. 13
    Mary Lynn H. Plaisance says:

    I found this article on Facebook from a friend.  My feed is  FILLED with Bernie Sanders supporters.  Not only on FB, but at meetings.  REAL PEOPLE like him because he is real!  There is a petition out to give him equal coverage on TV ~!!  Thanks for this  article.

  13. 14
    Tamara says:

    I saw this through a friend and fellow Bernie Sanders supporter's post on FB news feed.

  14. 15
    MichelleLeeCulp says:

    It was shared on Facebook from

  15. 16
    Marjie says:

    Got this from a friend on Facebook through a progressive activist group seeking to end violence in the area.  Lots of Sanders supporters in my circles. It is so refreshing to have a leader who is not owned by donors, and who has been speaking truth for a very long time.  Hillary is just "meh."  Excellent article!

  16. 17
    Gregg Delgadillo says:

    This just came through on my Facebook feed.   When you ask where are we finding this?  Everywhere.  In the last two weeks, I have joined two dozen Bernie Sanders groups, and made close to a thousand friends.   Moreover, I am not the exception, I am the rule.   The revolution will not be televised. 

  17. 18
    Di Carlin says:

    I followed a link from the Bill Maher Fanpage on Facebook.  Don't know where they got it.

  18. 19
    Marcy Hundley says:

    Link on Santa Fe (NM) for Bernie. C'mon Bernie light our fire!

  19. 20
    Cheryle says:

    I got it from a new friend, but nearly all of my friends are Bernie supporters. The Hillary supporters seem stuck on the idea of having a woman President. Hell, I'd like to see a woman President before I die, but more importantly I want an effective President, regardless of gender. My only concern about Bernie is that, unless we elect a LOT of progressives to Congress he's going to be stonewalled on his major issues. Of course, he isn't Black, so that will take some of the wind out of their sails, and, having elected St. Ronnie, they can't complain about his age. I do love me some Bernie!

  20. 21
    amanda says:

    Bernie Sanders 2016 – Ideas Welcome!

    That's the group I came here from facebook from. Good read, though. And true. And only bound to become more and more true as BLM gets more involved, I think.

  21. 22
    Matt Gras says:

    On Facebook – post shared by "Bernie Sanders Connecticut Progressives."

    And you're right. Sanders is unstoppable. Clinton is going to lose – and Sanders is going to the White House.

  22. 23
    Debra Cook says:

    I found the link to this on facebook! I cannot begin to express my joy and elation about Bernie Sanders! I've never been political but HE MOVES ME! To tears sometimes! I now understand the LOVE folks had for Kennedy!   -Proud to be on Team Bernie 2016!

  23. 24
    Jeannette says:

    Found my link on North Dakota for Bernie Sander's. I'm just starting to brush up on Clinton. Great article. Thank you.

  24. 25
    Ron Chusid says:

    “I’m just starting to brush up on Clinton.”

    Keep in mind that this is a post from June. I have posted much more since then.

  25. 26
    Sunny H says:

    An old friend posted this article tonight on Facebook. She was there with 28,000 others in Portland to see Bernie the other night. As of yesterday, Sanders is polling about 7 points ahead of Clinton in N.H. Momentum is on his side. Many see this campaign as our last realistic chance to stop the full entrenchment of the oligarchy in the U.S.


  26. 27
    Consuelo Luz Arostegui says:

    I'm working on the Bernie Sanders campaign in Santa Fe, NM. I got the link in an email from our local head organizer.

  27. 28
    Miles Fidelman says:

    Facebook – Optimists for Bernie Sanders.

  28. 29
    bob says:

    I got the link from Avedon

  29. 30
    Veronica Pearson says:

    I got this link on Facebook, Women For Bernie Sanders- 2016!!!!!   NO More CLINTON or BUSH IN OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

  30. 31
    Allyse says:

    Found this article in the San Diego for Bernie Sanders Discussion Forum on FB 🙂

  31. 32
    Jonathan Files says:

    I got this link from a friend on FB. Perhaps he is part of that "army of dewy-eyed volunteers" that hate the oligarchy and Republican policy, but distrust Ms.Clinton's commitment to actual income inequality issues? Because quite frankly it is hard to get all warm and fuzzy about Hillary Clinton and her ties to the establishment despite her generally liberal views. It just seems like we'll have eight more years of social issue arguments and business as usual on the war and corporation front….better than any Republican, sure, but …well, you get the picture.


  32. 33
    Ron Chusid says:

    Yes, better than any Republican, but that is a very low bar, and so many of her positions are only marginally more liberal than the GOP positions.

  33. 34
    Mike Hatcher says:

    Jonathan, Hillary is committed to income inequality issues. It says so on her website, so that settles it.  Joking aside, I just came across an organization called Operation Hope. It promotes financial literacy, credit counseling, and getting the poor into mainstream financial institutions and out of payday lenders and rent to own type businesses. I dare my liberal friends to check out the website and not give your progressive seal of approval. The thing that attracts me to it is it is not all about making the banks the bad guys, but actually working with the banks. (Full disclosure here, I work for a bank)

  34. 35
    Ron Chusid says:

    The program might be ok, but do you realize that its symbol looks q lot like Clinton’s campaign symbol?

  35. 36
    Mike Hatcher says:

    No, I didn't notice.  I do tend to see a lot of symbols that don't seem that creative.  Like Obama's twist to the Pepsi symbol.  The founder, John Bryant, mentions consulting both Bush and Bill Clinton on poverty issues. Sadly but not surprizingly it seemed they listened to him but didn't do a whole lot. With all those millions of dollars going into the Clinton charity foundation, you think they could have found some money for this guy's programs but well…I'll leave it at that.

  36. 37
    Ron Chusid says:

    Not only is it similar to the Clinton campaign symbol, it is also similar to the old Goldwater campaign symbol.

  37. 38
    Mike Hatcher says:

    One more tidbit I cut and pasted from the site:

    On February 26th, 2014, Bryant was appointed by President Obama to serve on his new U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans. – See more at:

  38. 39
    allison says:

    i got the link from Bernie Believers [Bernie Sanders] 🙂

  39. 40
    JESS says:

    It came up on my FB feed from a fellow Bernie Lover

  40. 41
    Jason says:

    Going around in Bernie believers [Bernie sanders ] now 

  41. 42
    Mark says:

    Yeah, I think all (or at least most) of your new traffic is coming from

  42. 43
    Ron Chusid says:

    Thanks for the link. There is more than one Bernie Believer’s groups so it helps to see which one.

  43. 44
    Gregg McCambley says:

    Facebook group "Bernie Believers [Bernie Sanders]"

  44. 46
    Diane Dellinger says:

    Facebook posted this link as a related article under a posting regarding Arizona voting irregularities .

  45. 47
    Heather Estes says:

    Bernie Sanders Public Discussion Group.  I think Facebook is featuring it as a "related story" because of the Panama Papers.  I love this article.  Do you still think Bernie will capture the presidency?  How about a new article?

  46. 48
    jamie glikin says:

    facebook "bernie sanders is going to win"

  47. 50
    Ron Chusid says:

    It is interesting that Facebook is featuring the post, considering how old it is. I imagine it might be picked by their algorithms due to current traffic to it from Facebook groups, and due to the rather high number of Facebook likes. I have had many posts receive a few thousand Likes, but this one is way ahead, currently at 22K

    “Do you still think Bernie will capture the presidency?”

    Keep in mind that this is a post quoting someone else saying Sanders will win. I always thought he was an underdog, with the system rigged against challengers to the establishment like him. Of course I had no objection to posting articles from those predicting he would win, and I hope I am wrong in predicting he will not. I think we should support Sanders regardless of whether he will have a difficult job winning the nomination.

    “How about a new article?”

    If you mean new article by Bill Curry, he has continued to write, and I have quoted him in some other blog posts. I just recently added a link to one of them at the end of this post.

    If you mean new articles by me, I have written many posts on Sanders and Clinton since this was posted. Check out the front page of the blog for the most recent. Plus there are links here to other posts.

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