Get Prepared For All The Hillary Conspiracy Theories

One doesn’t have to be a great fan of Hillary Clinton (I’m not) to realize that conservative wing-nuts have been hitting her with an unprecedented number of ridiculous attacks and conspiracy theories. While she has not yet declared her candidacy, her book rollout sure looked like a campaign tour, and it is hard to see anyone else beating her if she does run.  That means that we will be hearing all the old attacks over and over, along with a number of new ones.

To get prepared for the upcoming crazy season, Tim Murphy has posted The Definitive Guide to Every Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory (So Far). It looks well worth bookmarking.

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    JimZ says:

    The 2 terms of GWBush let us off the hook in having to decide between a president being evil or just plain stupid. In his case it was clearly both. As for Hillary Clinton (also not my favorite but probably electable), beginning even before Bill was sworn in, the right wing propaganda machine had cranked up to full speed and has been attacking her ever since using the “mud against the wall” tactic.

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