Democrats Fight Back On Affordable Care Act

Those of us who are concerned about the threat from the radical right are often frustrated by the Democratic Party as it often stands by allowing the Republicans to spread their propaganda without adequate response. Conservative groups spend fortunes to promote the goals of special interests while there is often little response in defense of the national interest. We are seeing the Koch brothers spending $20 million to attack members of Congress who supported the Affordable Care Act. The Koch brothers certainly do not have to worry, as far too many Americans did in the past, about being denied health coverage and going into bankruptcy because of developing medical problems.

It is good to see that the House Majority PAC is taking out ads defending members of Congress who supported the Affordable Care Act, such as with the commercial above. The text is:

Ann Kirkpatrick listens and learns. It’s why she blew the whistle on the disastrous health care website, calling it “stunning ineptitude,” and worked to fix it. She fought to hold insurance companies accountable, so they can’t deny coverage for preexisting conditions, or drop coverage when you get sick. Ann Kirkpatrick. Seeing what’s wrong. Doing what’s right.

That is a good start. By this fall, the problems with the website should no longer be an issue. People will see that we have no death panels. Most of those who were worried about receiving letters saying that their policies were canceled will have received better coverage at a lower price months before the election. Millions will benefit from coverage which they could not have received in the past.

It is a start, but unfortunately Democrats are still playing defense. They need to take the offense on health care. The majority of Americans have consistently supported the policies in the Affordable Care Act, even if opposing it by name when unaware of what the law contains. Democrats need to more actively promote their support their these policies. Then they need to actively go after Republicans who want to bring back the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage for preexisting coverage and drop the sick from coverage. It is Republicans who have voted for repeal of the Affordable Care Act 47 times who should be placed on the defensive. The politics at the time led to passing the Affordable Care Act with some adjustments needed in the law. Republicans who will only vote for repeal and not for fixing the law should also be held accountable. Fixing ObamaCare is far more popular than the Republican alternative of repeal and replace with nothing.