High Deductible And HSA’s: Republicans Got Their Wish on Health Care–Why Aren’t They Happy?

I was doing insurance shopping on line last night. It looks like I will wind up with a higher deductible plan along with a health savings account.

Isn’t this exactly what conservatives have been pushing for the last several years? Shouldn’t they be happy? Then why are they still talking about voting on repeal?

Plus, how come when people like Paul Ryan talk about a “government takeover” of health  care, we aren’t hearing the L word over and over? That is a far bigger lie than Obama’s statements about keeping your own insurance (which were sort of true if you add the qualifications that some really bad plans couldn’t be continued, that you might wind up with a different plan from the same company, there could be no guarantee that insurance companies would continue plans, even if they could be grandfathered, and that the alternative would often be more comprehensive coverage at a lower cost).

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