Contradictions on Syria

Apparently we have to bomb Syria because they used chemical weapons. I believe the mindset is that under international law, two wrongs can make a right.

Plus under Republican logic, Obama both exercises dictatorial powers and he is weak because he can’t decide to take military action without following the Constitution and going before Congress.

The most absurd reaction was Donald Rumsfeld saying Obama hasn’t made the case for striking Syria. He may be right, but Rumsfeld is in no position to question Obama about taking limited action regarding real WMD after he backed a major war over non-existent WMD.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    You should spend more time reading what is being said on the left as opposed to such illogical and factually incorrect sources such as The Washington Times. There has been considerable opposition on the left both to the NSA surveillance and regarding Syria. There are also many Democratic members of Congress objecting to an attack on Syria and some (but I agree too few) questioning NSA surveillance. The Democratic Party is a centrist party, far better than the extreme right wing Republican Party, but mixed in terms of pushing for progressive change.

    Obama’s approach has been the opposite of hair-trigger, such as in this case respecting the Constitution and going to Congress as opposed to attacking Syria unilaterally.

    I note that a considerable amount of criticism from Obama from both the far right and far left is based not on what he has actually done but beliefs about what he plans to do, in this case attack Iran.

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