Con Men Of The Right

The right wing noise machine is a massive con outfit. They spread false facts in order to get massive numbers of Americans to vote against their interests, and the interest of the nation. They don’t stop at using their influence on gullible viewers, listeners, and readers to influence views on public policy. Anyone who is on any conservative mailing lists knows how often they also use the trust they have obtained from their followers to profit financially. Obviously this includes sales of politically-related books and paraphernalia, but also includes numerous get rich schemes. See Media Matters and this post by Steve Benen for one example.

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    jessenuf says:

    Do you have any idea how much the “other side” says exactly the same thing about “this side.” Actually, the late Saul Alinsky (a proud Marxist) codified everything you said in Rules For Radicals circa 1972. And the fact is: Both sides employ partisan political tactics and polemics to get what they want.  The question is: Who is really lying? You do not list one point of fact or factual resource in your post. It is no more than the opening statement of a lawyer to a jury, which is nothing more than pitch to get their attention. It’s what is presented afterward that makes – or does not make – the case. “Wingnuts Say The Darnedest Things.” There are wingnuts on both sides, my friend.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    You have managed to combine three of the most common fallacies made by the right wing and other uninformed people in one short paragraph: creating a false equivalency between the right and left, act as if a single blog post should contain all arguments (ignoring previous posts and links), and tainting liberalism with Marxism.

    Both sides may say the same thing, but facts are facts. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that liberalism is based upon applying objective facts to policy decisions while conservatives misrepresent the facts to promote their ideological views. For example, see the work of centrists Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein (which I have cited in several previous posts) which demonstrate how extreme the Republicans have become and that the two sides are not doing the same. There is also objective data, which I have also cited in past posts, demonstrating that conservatives are far more likely than liberals to have misconceptions regarding facts.

    There are basically two arguments in this post. One is not the “opening statement” but a summation of many previous posts which have presented a considerable amount of facts backing this up. The second point is supported with two different links. It certainly appears that you came to your conclusion without bothering to read any of this supporting data.

    Despite claims from the right that the left is made up by Marxists, I am not a Marxist. I am a capitalist, and a business owner. Capitalism is a product of liberalism and it has been liberals who have supported policies to promote a thriving capitalist economy. Conservatives have been acting to harm capitalism by promoting their warped version which promotes plutocracy.

    If you bothered to read my writings before coming to fallacious conclusions, you would also see that I am well aware that there are wingnuts on both sides. I have also criticized the wingnuts of the left. The difference is that wingnuts of the left are a small, basically irrelevant group with no influence. In contrast, the wingnuts of the right dominate the conservative movement and Republican Party. Therefore, for those of us who would like to see a working democracy and two party system, it is the wingnuts of the right who are the ones to be more concerned about.

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