Wingnuts Say The Darndest Things: Rand Paul Thinks Only The Filibuster Prevents Obama From Making Al Sharpton Attorney General

In an interview on Fox, Rand Paul shows he actually believes that it is only the filibuster which is keeping Obama from appointing Al Sharpton as attorney general or appointing Rachel Maddow to the Supreme Court. Video above and excerpt below. (Hat tip to Raw Story).

Rand Paul: “I think the leverage of using the filibuster to get information and to make the President obey the law, I think it is a very important tool and our Founding Fathers put it in there for precisely this reason.”

Eric Bolling: “For that reason, to call attention to what they’re trying to do, especially if you’re in the minority you an do that and, frankly, if you didn’t have a filibuster, what would stop President Obama from appointing say Al Sharpton as attorney general or Rachel Maddow on the Supreme Court.”

Rand Paul: “Right. If you were to get an extremist like that, someone with an extreme point of view, the majority here could pass it with 51 votes, but with the filibuster then it would take 60 votes, so you’re less likely to get someone with those kinds of extreme views to be nominated and approved by the Senate.”

Beyond again demonstrating that right wingers have little understanding of the Constitution they pretend to defend, with the filibuster not being in the Constitution, it is absurd to think that Obama would be making these appointments if not for being afraid that they would be stopped by the filibuster.

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