Goodnight Reader

I’ve got my RSS feeds safely imported into Feedly, Digg, and AOL as I discussed earlier. For now, I’m mainly using Feedly as I have a couple different Android programs which sync with it. In addition, AOL Reader didn’t import my starred items as Feedly and Digg did.

Ezra Klein gave his argument for not replacing Google Reader. How one uses an RSS reader is a personal matter. If all you are doing is following political blogs, you don’t need a RSS reader. I’m sticking with one because it also brings in news, entertainment, medical articles (both news and journals), science fiction, sports, and other interests. A RSS reader remains for me the most efficient way to go through lots of information from all over the web.

Storify presents Goodnight Reader:

In the great google cloud
there was a full text feed
and folders and tags
and sharing with…
A random collection of internet “friends”
And there were stars and there were trends
And bundles
And recommended items
And details and statistics and RSS mush
And an angry old troll who was shouting “hush”


…Goodnight cloud
Goodnight feeds full text
Good night trends
And good night internet “friends”
Goodnight folders
Goodnight tags
Goodnight stars
And Goodnight recommended items
And Goodnight bundles
Goodnight details and statistics
Goodnight RSS mush
And goodnight to angry old troll who was shouting “hush”
Goodnight Reader