Quote of the Day

“With the selection process going on for the new Pope, there’s a lot of papal trivial. For example, did you know that no Pope has ever in the history of the church been elected without carrying Ohio?” –David Letterman

Bonus Quote:

“Thousands and thousands of people at Vatican Square were looking at the chimney. And the white smoke means we have a white Pope.” –David Letterman

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  1. 1
    Mike B.T.R.M. says:

    I sent you a note via FB. Nothing that personal, but didn’t think it was thematic for a blog post. It will be filtered in the “other” box as I didn’t wish to pay a dollar to send it to your regular inbox. Can’t blame face book for trying to make a buck, but I don’t trust them with my account info. They might be tied to a Cyprus bank or something and levy a surprise tax on me.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    When Facebook went public I wondered what they would come up with to try to make money off their site. I agree, while a trivial amount of money the $1 charge would also rub me the wrong way. You could always use the Contact button on the blog. With all the spam that also goes thru that box and other email I receive I can’t guarantee I’d see the message, but at least there would be no charge.

  3. 3
    Mike B.T.R.M. says:

    I got through on face book, you would just have to look at it in your face book “other messages” box. P.S. I’m definitely in harmony with you on the ineffectiveness nanny state type laws like Bloomberg’s drink limit attempt.

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