Rob Portman and Dick Cheney Show That Conservatives Are The Most Selfish, Self-Centered People In The World

Rob Portman has joined Dick Cheney is supporting same-sex marriage after finding that one of their children is gay. They have no concept of supporting the same rights for everyone. They are only willing to support basic human rights for gay individuals when it affects their family. The same concept is true of the entire conservative philosophy. How many Republicans would pay no attention to partisan views on abortion should their own daughter needed an abortion but would deny this right to others?

This isn’t limited to social issues. Conservatives support limited-government when it is in their interest (ignoring this concept when it comes to imposing their religious views upon others). They promote an economic theory of limited government in order to provide philosophical cover for eliminating regulations which are a nuisance to their businesses and support for reducing their taxes. Meanwhile people like the Koch brothers are perfectly willing to use government programs to make money. They oppose government assistance programs which they do not personally need, ignoring the needs of others and failing to distinguish between a safety-net in a liberal democracy form a Marxist dictatorship. Sarah Palin made an exception in supporting assistance to disabled children because of first hand experience. If only conservatives had the capacity to consider hardships which other people’s children might face.