Herman Cain Hired By Fox

More changes coming from the propaganda arm of the Republican Party: With Sarah Palin and Dick Morris leaving Fox¬† there was hope that Fox would no longer be providing a home for every washed-up political hack who has nothing of value to provide to anyone else. Instead it looks like Fox is just looking for kooks who are a little more charismatic than Dick Morris and the former half-term governor. Fox has now hired Herman Cain as a contributor. Perhaps they will save money and pay him $9.99 per word instead of the $15.85 per word they paid Sarah Palin in honor of Cain’s tax plan


  1. 1
    Kar Ben says:

    Heard they hired Scott Brown also. At least they are keeping up their standards and just hire losers.

  2. 2
    JimZ says:

    Can Fox stoop any lower?

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Sure there are a lot of things lower than to hire Herman Cain. For example, they could claim to be a Fair and Balanced news network while actually promoting the agenda of the Republican Party virtually all day. They could make up their own facts. By Fox’s history, hiring Herman Cain is hardy their worst act.

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