Infatuate: Doctor Who Valentine’s Day Cards for 2013 (Third Annual Collection)

Another Valentine’s Day means a new selection of Doctor Who Valentine’s Day Cards.


More like the above are available from Etsy. (Hat tip to Geeks are Sexy for the samples above.)


Another set from Ghost Volta. (Click on them to enlarge).

be-my-companion has Valentine’s Day cards for Doctor Who, Community, and Firefly.

Of course older cards are perfectly fine to use. If you know how to click on a hyperlink you don’t even need a TARDIS to get these cards I’ve posted from 2012 and 2011.

Update: Cards for 2014, including Sherlock


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    Bad Wolf says:

    If we are incredibly lucky, taking a drink of water will be the ONLY think Rubio  will ever be remembered for.

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    Rachael from TildeMag says:

    Thanks for including us in this post! Your blog looks great, go liberal values!

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