Seniors Boo Romney/Ryan Plan To Repeal Obamacare–Hopefully Realizing How Obama Has Helped Seniors

Paul Ryan’s plan to end Obamacare received boos at the AARP’s annual convention in New Orleans yesterday. Hopefully this is a sign that they realize that Romney and Ryan are lying about how Obamacare affects Medicare (video above). Hopefully seniors won’t be conned into believing¬† that Romney and Ryan are trying to protect Medicare when their plans would actually destroy the program as we know it.

Joe Biden put this into perspective considering how it was actually Republicans who opposed Medicare going back to the start of the program:

“If you came from another country and you just listened to their convention, you’d say, those guys came up with a great idea 50 years ago,” Biden said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. “You’d think it was a Republican idea.”

Moving past the dishonest rhetoric from the Romney/Ryan campaign, Obama has strengthened Medicare. He has made it more sound fiscally and has increased benefits for seniors. Benefits include phasing out the donut hole on prescription medications and covering preventative services which were not previously covered–both reducing out of pocket expenses for seniors. The Romney/Ryan plan to replace Medicare with vouchers will increase out of pocket costs. In addition, their plan to radically reduce Medicaid will harm many duel eligible seniors who count on Medicaid to pay for their Medicare premiums and deductibles.