Mitt Romney’s Father Was Once Part Of The 47 Percent

Mitt Romney’s assessment of 47 percent of this country is wrong in so many ways that to describe them all would far exceed the time I have available for blogging. (Despite being an Obama supporter, I have been far too busy working, earning taxable income, and hopefully creating some more jobs if I can find people capable of reducing my work load). Yesterday I concentrated on the fact that a substantial percentage of those who pay no taxes are Republican voters. Only a small percentage actually fit the Republican view of people existing on welfare. Today a video was found which might force Romney to look differently at people on welfare:

In this video, Mitt’s mother Lenore Romney talked about why her husband George would be a good governor of Michigan partially because he was once “on relief — welfare relief — for the first years of his life.”

Why do moderate Republicans named George wind up with such disappointing sons?

In related news today, Ezra Klein has written more on responsibility and the poor. Some Republican strategists are fearing that Romney’s missteps might keep Republicans from taking control of the Senate. I’m wondering if they have been enough to give Democrats control of the House.

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