Housekeeping Note: Sharing Temporarily Disabled

The plug-in which allows sharing of blog posts with Facebook and multiple other social networking sites malfunctioned upon updating and I have deactivated it. While there are multiple possible solutions, I don’t have the time today to bother with this. Completing this week’s installment of SciFi Weekend is more important, and then I’ll get back to all the extra work created this week due to going live with an EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Besides, there is always the hope that the authors of the plug-in might provide an upgrade which fixes this if I do nothing.

For now there remains an icon to share posts via Twitter. Later in the week, as time allows, I’ll either see about fixing the plug-in for additional sites, reverting to the old version, or replacing the plug-in with an alternative. I appreciate all the shares of posts on sites such as Facebook, but I trust that most users will have no problem pasting in links to share until I get this fixed.

Update: Sharing icons have successful been restored

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