Republican Shocked To Find That An American Can Come From Mexico

There have already been a number of reports of racism coming from the Republican convention. I found this last one to be especially amusing/disgusting as I have frequently gone to Walt Disney World on vacations(with Disney World only trailing Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in number of  times I have visited). While I have also tried other resorts, I frequently stay at Beach Club, both due to its own amenities (such as Storm Along Bay) and because it is a short walk to the back entrance of Epcot. The back entrance takes guests directly into World Showcase, which features pavilions from several countries. Each country captures the look of its native country. To add to the realistic feel of each country, the employees (or in Disney lingo, cast members) come from the host countries.

It only makes sense that delegates to the Republican convention would travel to near-by Orlando to visit Epcot and the other theme parks. One Republican delegate saw foreigners as would be expected in the various pavilions but was offended when he found what appeared to be “a person from Mexico” working at the American pavilion. Screen shot below:

From his post:

Prior to National Republican Convention we visited Disney for three days.  During our time at Epcot we visited the different countries.  It was neat seeing each country and the employees were from that individual country.  Then we visited America . . . one would think you would find American employees.  We were offended to find a person from Mexico working in America.  Mark spoke up and told them he was highly offended after visiting the other countries and seeing employees from that country and then come to America and find a Mexican.  He was very civil but his point was well made.

Name tags at Epcot, going along with the international flavor of the park, include each cast member’s place of origin. Therefore a person from Mexico City, Mexico would have this on their name tag regardless of current citizenship. Apparently an American born in Mexico is not a concept consistent with this Republican’s world view. Even if it turns out that he is not an American citizen, is that really all that terrible? Does this Republican also go up to people elsewhere in this country who appear Mexican and question why they are working here?

As Think Progress pointed out, there were other episodes of racism at the convention. Certainly not all Republicans are racists and xenophobic but the party does find that it serves their purposes to appeal to such feelings. Earlier in the week National Journal explained Why (and How) Romney is Playing the Race Card.


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