Romney/Ryan Versus Obama/Biden and Medicare/Social Security

Mitt Romney is going to announce his running mate on Saturday and his choice is widely believed to be Paul Ryan. Of course, being a Mormon, Romney reserves the right to pick additional running mates in the future. In choosing Ryan, Romney did not feel it was necessary to add a buffoon to the ticket as many former Republicans have including John McCain, George H. W. Bush, and Richard Nixon. After his recent trip abroad, Romney has demonstrated that he will fill that role  himself.

The choice of Ryan provides potential benefits for the Democrats. Having Ryan on the ticket will highlight the Republican budget which would destroy Medicare as we know it. Presumably Mitt Romney feels that too can be shaken away like a Etch-A-Sketch. Running on the same ideas which were proposed months earlier is a concept which is entirely foreign to Mitt Romney. Democrats would  benefit from this choice if this means Ryan will not be running for reelection to the House. This also provides further evidence of how Romney is afraid to buck the far right wing of the Republican Party, which is presumably why Romney is using the late Friday news dump to leak his choice.

For Romney, this offers the possibility of diverting attention from his income tax returns for a few days. No word as to whether Ryan will be releasing his tax returns. Ryan’s business experience will also offer a more reputable option compared to Romney’s years at Bain. Ryan previously worked as an Oscar Mayer salesman and drove the Weinermobile (not to be confused with what Anthony Weiner texted). All in all, this seems to be a true desperation move after falling behind Obama in the polls.

Updates: Checking Wisconsin law, I found that Ryan’s name will remain on the ballot and he will keep his house seat if he becomes Vice President. Should he win there will be a special election to fill his seat, provided the country survives that long. More on the choice of Paul Ryan in this post.

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    Cat West says:

    Ryan pick shows Romney doesn't plan to choose a dumb buffoon like McCain did-Romney will fulfill that role himself. #p2

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    Liberal Effects says:

    Romney/Ryan Versus Obama/Biden and Medicare/Social Security –

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    Liberal Effects says:

    » Romney/Ryan Versus Obama/Biden and Medicare/Social Security Liberal Values

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