Question of the Day

Is Barack Obama being unfair to Mitt Romney by refusing to apologize for telling the truth?

Team Obama Playing “Whack A Mitt” With Video Responses To Romney Lies and Whining

Although Mitt Romney is whining about attacks from Obama and appearing all over television (unfortunately without any more tax returns), the Obama team is hitting Romney hard this weekend. There’s the ad above, The ad hits Romney hard on his out-sourcing and tax shelters, but I think the background message is just as strong: Romney’s a goofy guy who sees a point in singing the America the Beautiful and other patriotic songs out of tune at campaign rallies.

This ad hits Romney for his Bain Capital lies.

And here is Obama’s response to Romney asking for an apology–a video showing what a dishonest hypocrite Romney really is. Even Newt Gingrich agrees. It is a great video, but it might have been better if it briefly debunked the long string of lies about Obama which make up Romney’s stump speech. I imagine that its producers believe that Romney’s lies are so outrageous nobody who has not been brainwashed by Fox will believe them. Ending with Newt pointing out what a liar Romney is makes the point.