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“If abortion is murder, then a blowjob is cannibalism”

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    Sam Rumack says:

    Picture of the Day Liberal Values http://t.co/7wcVTE1j http://t.co/hAAuORxB

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    Kyle Waggener says:

    This is something that has always irritated me about the anti-abortionists, the use of the word “murder.”  Conservatives like to create their own version of reality and this is no exception.  “Murder” is a legal term with a very specific definition of which abortion doesn’t fit.  Murder is the killing of one human being by another with malice aforethought.  There is no malice involved at all.

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    Bad Wolf says:

    Ever notice that the people who claim to be “pro-life” generally tend to be the same people who are in favor of the death penalty, and bombing brown brothers and sisters? 

  4. 6
    Joseph Auclair says:

    And that’s a hell of a babe carrying that sign!

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    Anonymous says:

    @ Bad Wolf, that’s because pro-life is really a liberal thing and pro-choice is a conservative thing. Remember, it’s just as hypocritical to be a peace-loving, animal rights activist, vegetarian, tree-hugger who is pro-choice as it is to be a war loving, gun supporting, animal hunter who is pro-life. here’s an article on why it switched and how it should be http://www.meehanreports.com/whyliberals.htm and here’s a facebook page for pro-life liberals http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pro-Life-Liberals/366896816811

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    Ron Chusid says:

    No, pro-choice is the liberal position on most issues while pro-life is also the liberal position if taken more literally and not as opposing abortion rights. Liberalism is based upon promoting liberty, and allowing a woman to control her own body is just one example of this. There is nothing hypocritical here at all. In contrast, conservatism is essentially an authoritarian philosophy using the state to limit individual choice based upon the philosophical/religious views of conservatives. Liberals are pro-life in the sense that supporting universal health care and stem cell research are pro-life positions, but not pro-life in the sense you mean.

    Changing people’s minds on abortion is probably a futile battle, but if you want to influence liberals I’d suggest finding a better article. The article you link to is set in a conservative mind set and fails to understand either the science or ethical issues. Educated people will think even less of those opposing abortion rights after reading this article.

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    Chris says:

    She forgot to add.  “…only if you swallow.”

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