Obama and Affordable Care Act Up In Polls

It is a long way to the election and current polls are of limited meaning, but I wonder if Mitt Romney was unable to improve in the polls the last couple of months if he will ever be able to move ahead of Obama. The latest Gallup tracking poll shows Obama to now be leading by five points. Obama continues to lead in the battle ground states.

Despite the claims of some pundits that the Supreme Court decision would be win-win for Romney, we are not seeing any evidence that people will turn to Romney because they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Those who strongly opposed it all along (even if supporting the specifics measures within the law) will still vote for Romney. Overall a win helped Obama, with a Kaiser poll showing “a majority of Americans (56 percent) now say they would like to see the law’s detractors stop their efforts to block its implementation and move on to other national problems.”