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“A new study found that a record number of America’s wealthiest citizens are renouncing their citizenship to avoid high taxes. Which explains why today Donald Trump claimed HE was born in Kenya.” –Jimmy Fallon

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    Mike B.T.R.M. says:

    I don’t really understand the “mechanics” of wealthy people’s political fund contributions. I searched and found limits such as $2500 an individual may give to a specific candidate which puzzles me as I hear about fund raising dinners that charge like $10,000 a plate and such. Even with “Pacs” and such it seems like one can at very most go to $117K total which seems far less what is talked about at times.  I’m really not trying to pick on J. Edwards here but just to reference a dollar amount didn’t one person give a million dollars? (Found not to be a political contribution but still transferred)

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