Keeping Up With All Of Romney’s Lies Is Almost A Full Time Job

Steve Benen is probably the busiest guy in America on Fridays. That’s when he posts his weekly list of Mitt Romney’s lies. He added 20 more lies today, and is up to Volume XXI. There’s still a long way to go until November.

Steve is hardly alone in chronicling Romney’s lies. Jonathan Chait had a post entitled Romney Just Making Stuff Up Now. Now? What does he mean by now? That’s been going on for quite, but we do need more people exposing all of Romney’s lies.

George Bush Polls Under 50 Percent–Why Would People Support A GOP Candidate Who Wants To Resume His Policies?

George W. Bush is theĀ  only living ex-president with favorability under 50%. So why would people support a candidate who wants to resume his economic policies?

From CNN:

More than three years after leaving office, former President George W. Bush remains unpopular with the public, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that two-thirds of Americans have a positive view of Bush’s predecessor, former President Bill Clinton.

According to the poll, released Thursday morning, 43% of people questioned had a favorable opinion of Bush, with 54% saying they had an unfavorable view of the former president. Bush’s 43% favorable rating is the same as it was in 2010 in CNN polling, but is up from his mid-30’s favorable rating during 2009, his first year out of the White House.