Romney Afraid To Face Tough Interviews

Sunday mornings tend to be a Republican-friendly time on the TV interview shows, but it remains a scary place for those who are over their head in running for national office, such as Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Bob Schieffer questioned why Romney only appears on Fox:

Once again on Sunday, he hit Ed Gillespie mid-talking point (as Robert Gibbs chuckled).

“You think we’re ever going to see [Mitt Romney] on one of these Sunday morning interview shows? I know he does Fox, but we’d love to have him some time, as would “Meet the Press” and the ABC folk, I would guess,” the CBS “Face the Nation” host asked Sunday.

Gillespie, an adviser to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, pointed out that Romney spoke “to schoolchildren last week.”

I’m sure the school children asked Romney some really tough questions.

Romney has had a hard time in other interviews beyond Fox. Imagine if clips of his past statements were brought up. Romney also has been unable to answer interview questions as to what he will do about the economy or specifically how his experience at Bain is of value. Tricky Mitt–his talk about improving the economy reminds me a lot of Richard Nixon’s secret plan to get out of Viet Nam (a secret which, to this day, nobody knows).


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    Horace Brown says:

    Romney Afraid To Face Tough Interviews –

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    Wendy says:

    Mormons never go where the hard questions will be asked or negatives mi ght be brought up. They view it as persecution rather than honest inquiry. And, because his religion is definitely not the norm, he won’t risk having that brought up either. He won’t risk having the non-Christian aspects of his church being brought to light. They’ve been trying to appear mainstream for the past decade even though they’re not. Forty years ago, they specifically told members that they were not to call themselves Christians because they believed all Christian were under the guidance of Satan. Now, however, they have softened that approach and eliminated references to Satan in their doctrine. 

    The same method of keeping things underwrap goes with Mormon politicians in the public eye. They’ll go where their friends are and not risk exposure.

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    foreverLiberal says:

    » Romney Afraid To Face Tough Interviews Liberal Values

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    Derek Gendvil says:

    Romney Afraid To Face Tough Interviews –

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