Huckabee Has Letter Calling Obama Advisers Political Whores Pulled

Honorable move by Mike Huckabee to demand that a fund raising  letter sent on his letterhead referring to Obama’s advisers as “morally repugnant political whores” be pulled. Huckabee denies having approved this. I am inclined to believe him. Compare Huckabee’s action in stating he did not approve this as soon as the letter went out to Ron Paul claiming he did not know about multiple racist and anti-Semitic items under his name, years after pocketing the money raised.

Will The Voters Be Fooled Again?

First Read reports that the Republicans plan to crash the economy again before the election with another fight over the debt limit. The Democrats need to be prepared to make sure that this time the Republicans are held accountable for their actions. If the Republicans were half as competent at governing as they are at such political manipulations, we wouldn’t be in such bad shape. Unfortunately the far right wing views which now dominate the party prevents this.

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Quote of the Day

“What more do we want this man to do for us, honest to god.” —David Letterman re President Barack Obama, comparing Obama’s successes on fighting terror to George Bush’s failures.

Bonus Quote:

“Remember the Iraq war, “mission accomplished,” well holy ****, the mission was not accomplished,” said Letterman. “They put a banner up on the SS Lincoln, George flies up on the thing. He was very cute.” –David Letterman on why it is ok for Obama to use the killing of Osama bin Laden as a campaign tool when Bush would have done the same thing.